Gowtham P, Founder, CompxZero

I was born and raised in Thanjavur. I am a Tamil native. After graduating from college and coming out as an engineer, I always dreamt of becoming an entrepreneur one day. In my 17 years of education, I learned X things, but as an entrepreneur, I've learned 1000X things.


CompxZero Logistics and Distribution

CompxZero Logistics and Distribution Founded in 2022, is one of the fastest growing end-to-end logistics companies. CompxZero offers customised logistics solutions for your entire supply chain. We have the capacity, skills, and manpower to keep your business moving forward. Our objective is to provide a complete logistics service solution with activities like inbound logistics, procurement, outbound logistics, etc. Our offers are warehousing, customized logistics and reverse logistics.


Finding a suitable

We currently have 38 employees at CompxZero. We are also planning to increase our company size. In CompxZero, we strongly believe that each and every human being is unique. It's all about how we are training them. We don’t consider the marksheets, and we do hire people who are ready to work hard. Our selection process is 30/60/90 days. Within this duration, we identify the strengths and weaknesses of the candidates and then provide them with suitable work.


Encouraging the soul

I personally travel a lot.

During my travels, I have seen many young entrepreneurs and their innovation and dedication towards their passion.


Plan and implement tough times

I come from a business family, so I have known my dad since childhood, so I have seen his ups and downs too. So, seeing him, I know how tough times should be tackled. So, properly planning and implementing are important during tough times.


What made you choose the market you wanted to target?

Seeing the challenges during covid times, I have decided to target the Indian market where it can solve problems.


Who is someone who has influenced you?

My dad is the person whom I admire the most.




  1. Hi Gowtham,
    Where are you currently based. We are also on same sector. Would like to have a collaboration with you. Can you share your mail?

    1. Dear Nikhil, We are delighted to hear from you. Feel free to contact us gowtham004gowth@gmail.com


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