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  1. Anonymous27 April

    Innovation CIBS = Change in Breathing System - Will Change the World of Medical Science.

    I am researching on "Change in Breathing System" CIBS for to cure all medical diseases since last 7-8 Years.
    & achieved remarkable result in to cure medical decease.
    Still I have make experiments on own body organs.
    I was patient of Migraine, but I have cured Migraine by CIBS with never headache issue too since last 5 years.
    I am working on to open heart vans by CIBS with feeling it works.
    CIBS is most effective on brain & decease thereof.
    It is very easy to adopt CIBS by every human kindness on this earth.
    After CIBS adopting, every human become 'first doctor of his body'.
    CIBS is a OXYGEN therapy & OXYGEN called PRANVAYU.
    CIBS is free, handy, available at any time every where for every human kindness.

    Now a days Medical World treat every medical decease by HBOT.
    HBOT = Hyperbaric oxygen therapy.
    But HBOT is very costly therapy we Indian can't afford it.
    CIBS = Natural HBOT.
    CIBS definitely cure all medical deceases.

    Every human being breaths 20000 (app) per day. (God can't restrict us for 10000 breaths per day)
    CIBS required only 50-100 breaths per day to cure any decease in right direction.

    Yoga is a advance version of normal Exercise, but CIBS is a advance version of Yoga.
    Only Disadvantage of Yoga is that, effectiveness after many years. But CIBS give instant effect.
    CIBS convert years into minutes.
    (It is a big & different subject)

    I am not a Doctor but Engineer &
    Understand, our body organs connections is a engineering of great mechanism & only OXYGEN play a important & great role in our body mechanism to keep it in motion & healthy.

    Let's change the world of medical science by CIBS.


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