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Founded in 2020, Secureise Cyber Security is a provider of cyber security services and training. It’s located at Shivajinagar, Pune. Shubham Yernale is the Chief Executive Officer of Secureise Cyber Security. Having started as a small start-up and has gained trust among its customers it has trained over 300 students till date. All the students are quite happy with the training. It provides standard training with outstanding videos. It helps its customers with any critical cyber vulnerability. The company has built up expertise in bug bounty, web application penetration test, network penetration test, and provides CEH training and internships. It is a complete product-market fit. It mainly focuses on securing the cyber of the world at large. The company resolves all the issues faced by their customers through consulting engagements, security monitoring, and cyber security product expertise.With the increase in the number of people using the internet, cyber threats are a major burden. In such a scenario, Secureise Cyber Security is playing a significant role in making systems more secure and bug-free. This start-up is entirely focused and is coming up with big projects.


Shubham Yernale draws his inspiration from attending a guest lecture on Ethical Hacking back then during his college days. Intrigued by the same, he joined a class too. But apparently, he wasn’t stern about that as well. Yet, he didn’t give up working to build a career. Nevertheless, he earned a few euros on bug bounty. He was fortunate enough that bug bounty worked for him. Recurring together, he had to face a rough path when his loved one abandoned him. Sometimes, the person you rely on the most can cause you more pain. He was broken.

What made Shubham Yernale the CEO of Secureise Cyber Security?

When his love life failed, it filled in him the fire to rise up. Amidst the agony, pain fuels passion. Further, he up skilled in hacking. He practiced day in and day out to master hacking. Indeed nothing happens overnight. Eventually got appalled by many companies. At the present, he conducts online training on hacking. Though he received an offer letter from an eminent company, he is working on levelling up Secureise Cyber Security. Again, he proves that it’s important to follow your heart and take any risk to achieve what you aspire.Having been through so many hardships he could have accepted the offer letter from the renowned company. But following his passion made him stand out from the rest. And what’s most astonishing is that his teachers never acknowledged him. As the CEO, he encourages his team to bring out the best potential. He always takes a stand for his company and sweats out to provide exceptional services to his customers. Truly he is a motivation to his company.The young CEO aspirants shall definitely look up to him and follow his steps. The CEO believes that with the huge data being accumulated everyday through text, images, the Internet of Things, the cloud the essence of data is drastically increasing. And that in the future, data shall play a major role in benefitting business.

What kind of services does Secureise Cyber Security provide?

Secureise Cyber Security is recognized for coming up with efficient solutions to critical cyber security problems. The company provides both classroom and online training on hacking at the comfort of the student. It is the best company to start one's career on bug bounty. It also furnishes entry-level jobs in cyber security. Most importantly, it provides internships to beginners to prepare them for industrial demands. Nonetheless, it conducts seminars and workshops. Besides these, Secureise Cyber Security provides certified courses. Besides these, Secureise Cyber Security aims to provide high-class services and they are as follows:

Bug Bounty Training - This training provides hands-on experience on protecting the websites from digital attacks in order to achieve continuous and results-driven security. The course mainly teaches how to identify bugs or vulnerability in a system.

Web Application Penetration Testing – Secureise Cyber Security identifies security issues resulting from insecure development practices in the design. They also code and publish software or say a website. Basically, they overview on finding security bugs in a web application.

Network Penetration Testing - This service imitates an attacker attempting to access sensitive assets by making use of security weaknesses existing across multiple systems.

CEH Training - Certified Ethical Hacking training certifies the abilities of an ethical hacker to guard against the weaknesses and vulnerabilities of network infrastructure and illegal hacking practices. It is the basic course one has to take before diving into cyber security.

Internships - Most importantly, the company provides internships to beginners to prepare them for industrial demands. The main reason to provide internships is that they integrate classroom knowledge and theory with practical application and skills developed in professional or community settings.

Future Plans

With the increase in the number of users using internet, cyber threats are a major concern. The company aims to provide secure cyber to the world at large. The company aims to learn from its previous experiences and improvise accordingly. Secureise Cyber Security is planning to provide a great infrastructure to students for making them well versed for cyber security training.Inthe upcoming days the company will be concentrating on ensuring better cyber security to the co-operative industry from all possible cyber vulnerabilities.The company is trying to be as creative and unique in all aspects of their services.The company is also trying to upgrade itself according to the latest technologies.

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