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Prof. JJ (Prof. JaeeJogalekar) - Assistant Professor & Trainer, Pune University

Namaste to all!

Though Prof. Jaee Jogalekar is my legal name, the majority of my students and colleagues call me "Prof.JJ". I am a newbie in the field of education with more than two years of experience. Fortunately, throughout my experience till now, I was blessed with the trust of authorities and management in various institutions, who gave me the opportunity to hold the positions of Head of Programme and Placement Officer, along with responsibilities in academics. My Educational background is a blend of Graduation in Hotel Management & Catering Technology, and a Dual MBA Post-Graduation in Pune University's Home Department. My Personality comprises an artist, an academician, a writer, a mentor, a patriot, and an absolute lover of Mother Nature.

Duties, responsibilities, and experience

It was around two years ago when I joined one of the popular autonomous universities in Nashik District of Maharashtra as an Assistant Professor of Management Studies and was later appointed as BBA Program Head responsible for the whole administration, daily operations, faculty in-charge, student welfare in-charge, and assistant to Dean Management for handling the strength of around 500 students. As an HR Coordinator for the Department of Commerce & Management Studies, I also used to be involved in the recruitment of faculty for the University. I have also worked as Training and Placement Officer for MBA Programme students and am currently involved in core Academics for teaching and media coordination. Apart from these, Research is one of my individual responsibilities as a faculty member, and I have published around 8 research papers in popular indexes like SCOPUS & UGC, along with a book published on ‘Innovations & Entrepreneurship’.

Research on methodologies for creative teaching

Every teacher or professor has a particular teaching pedagogy. One of my popular Research Papers is published in the SCOPUS index, "Analysis of Online Teaching & Learning Pedagogy’ which majorly focuses on the teaching pedagogy used by me. Being a Teacher with Sanatani Values, I believe the pedagogy of story-telling, real-life or factual case studies, debates, and discussions are the best ways to inculcate not only knowledge but also values and ethics in the students. Especially the students of the Management Stream are supposed to be value oriented and not just textbook-oriented if they are looking forward to leading renowned organizations. As to creating leaders, I believe in teaching much more than what just a textbook covers - what the Nation, The Society of Bharat, needs. I am trying my best to follow the teaching pedagogy oriented towards the Bharatiya Knowledge System’.

Achievements in the field of Education & Training:

I was Probably one of the youngest Programme Heads in Nashik District when I was 24 years old, holding the position for almost a year in the BBA Department alone. Meanwhile, as a Training and Placement Officer, I got the opportunity to build my network for placing students in Nashik District. I was also awarded the Excellence Award by a popular brand, ‘Taj Group of Hotels, for leading teams in event management during my Bachelor's and have also been awarded for Personality Contests. I am an Active member of many National-level Professional Bodies like ISTD (Indian Society of Training & Development), IARA (Indian Academicians Research Association), etc. However, The biggest achievement till now that gives me extreme satisfaction is to create good-quality students with the required skill sets and help them develop an Emotional & Spiritual Quotient to rise above self-needs and focus on the needs of society, culture, and keeping generations on route to humanity, patriarchy, ‘Dharma, and human wellbeing.

An enthusiast of Indian culture

As an enthusiast of Bharatiya Culture, I am an absolute lover of Bharatiya Food Culture. I love to Explore Bharatiya food, dance forms, attires, botany & horticulture, Writing Shayaris and poems, Exploring water bodies all around the Nation, and a few more things to add like deep sea diving, meditating, etc.

An urge for the development of the Bharatiya Education System

To be a bit honest, I am very concerned for the ‘Business of Education’ environment growing all around the Nation. The Growing urge for higher IQ development sometimes creates unhealthy competition, and our youth are left with lower EQ and SQ. I have a high aspiration to devote myself to an organization that not only focuses on quality education but also has a will to contribute to the nation by creating generations through Bharatiya Knowledge System pedagogy. I have an aspiration to lead one of the best management programmes to create Scholars for my Mother Nation.

Be a Responsible Hindustani

We have a lot more to look after, not just our own selves but also our own families. We Owe a lot to the Society that cultured us, to the Nation that Protects us, to all the unknown except our own brothers and sisters in need, and indeed to our Jawans. We should excel in our career streams, but along with that, contributing to society without any carrots of monetary returns and making a selfless contribution to National wellbeing is expected by all. There is a saying in Marathi,  "शिवाजी  जन्माला यावा पण शेजारच्या घरात" (Which means Chatrapati Shivaji should be born but in the neighbour's house, not mine); this mentality should be demolished, and we should make sure that protecting our culture, our mothers and sisters, and our Nation from any emotional, financial, cultural, intellectual, and ethical destruction is OUR responsibility. "Let's Take a Step Forward, Bravely and Unitedly". Let's forget our race, colour, creed, and status and take pride in only one thing. i.e., "Being Hindustani" Jai Hind. Jai Bharat.

Prof. JaeeJogalekar (Prof.JJ)


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