Dr. Anita Raj Goyal, Dentist

I’m Dr. Anita Raj Goyal. I hail from small and beautiful place Sangrur. I belong to a joint family and we are 9 members in my family. We are 2 siblings. I always wanted to become a doctor by profession and I’m passionate about my work. Now I’m dentist by profession and I have completed my BDS in September 2022 from BFUHS currently I’m pursuing my MDS from GNDDC, Sunam. My hobbies are reading books, watching TV and playing badminton etc. 

Dr. Anita Raj Goyal from LBDC 

Certainly, my educational journey was awesome. I don’t have much knowledge about the medical colleges initially. I considered several colleges at the time of admission but I chose Luxmi Bai institute of dental sciences and hospital because of good teaching faculty over there and teachers are very experienced in LBDC. I gained some new experiences specially during my BDS degree. I learnt so many things from my juniors also. 

Dr. Anita Raj Goyal, Exam invigilator 

As an exam invigilator I ensure that exams are conducted in an appropriate manner within the correct time frame. The main part of invigilator role is to supervise the students and make sure that exam regulations are being met at all times. 

Dr. Anita Raj Goyal about dental profession

I chose the dental profession among others as I always wanted to help my patients to improve their oral health and as well as their appearance. Dentists have an opportunity to build their own organization just after their dental college and in my opinion medical (MBBS) doctors have to do multiple degrees such as MBBS then MD then MS and a dentist can have their well-established dental setups even after graduation only. 

Dr. Anita Raj Goyal dental checkups

I would suggest my patients to brush their teeth twice a day and to use auxiliary aids to maintain oral hygiene and visit the dentist after every 6 months for routine dental checkups for early diagnosis and for the needful treatments as prevention is better than cure. Some patients have caries tendencies due to their quality of enamel (one of the tissues of the tooth) I.e.---- defective maturation of enamel. In such patients toothmin toothpaste is advised to control tooth decay. 
 Dental hygienist
Dental hygienist is an operating auxiliary. Important role of dental hygienist is to educate the people on the prevention and control of oral diseases. Promoting the various benchmarks of oral health. 
Implementing, managing, and developing accessible resources for oral health programs in public health. Usual role of a dental hygienist in clinic is to do scaling, flouride application, pit and fissure sealants, oral screening, oral hygiene instructions. 

Dr. Anita Raj Goyal dental procedures

I can conduct all the general dentistry procedures such as Scalings, filling, RCT, Extraction, impression making, suturing, Night guard delivery, can give sphenopalatine block, prescription writing, RPD, CD, 2nd stage surgery of implants. Cementation of crowns, immediate temporary crown with putty index, tooth preparation.

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