Kyaa Matlab Network, an India-based Podcast ecosystem, is revolutionizing the podcasting landscape with its innovative approach to experiential learning through its Bite-Sized Podcasts. These series of five-minute episodic podcasts aim to make learning and self-discovery accessible to a global audience.


Rashi Khanna is a seasoned business professional with over 25 years of experience in both corporate and entrepreneurial roles. She is not only a business leader but also a change enabler, networker, growth strategist, speaker, podcaster, and power broker. Her journey reflects resilience, and Rashi firmly believes in sharing the real story of life, acknowledging the ups and downs that come with it.


Rashi is the Honorary Chair of the Ra by Rashi Foundation, an NGO that helps SMEs and micro-businesses through Business story video Podcasts.

Soon after, she found that small businesses were not comfortable facing camera, which led her into the realm of Audio content- Kyaa Matlab podcast


Smb's and Sme's  found it comfortable to appear on the cover of a magazine with their story line, which led to her Digital magazine SHEERAA-know my story.


Rashi is an avid podcaster, and she eventually began teaching her community how to podcast, which led to the establishment of her Online School Kyaa Matlab Voice Network.


As a midlife mother who has faced various crises, Rashi Khanna's hyper-empathy makes her a compassionate and purpose-driven individual. Her mission is to empower individuals to find strength at their most vulnerable moments and to share her knowledge and insights about navigating life's challenges.


Rashi Khanna is also a NIMHANS-certified Lay Counsellor and the founder of EMPATHE, an organization dedicated to creating a compassionate and supportive ecosystem for mental health care. EMPATHE offers lay counseling services, active listening, crisis interventions, and referrals, creating a safe space for individuals to explore their feelings and embark on a journey of self-discovery.


Beyond her impactful work in mental health and counseling, Rashi Khanna is an accomplished podcaster and speaker. She has conducted podcasting seminars at renowned institutions, including the Indian Institute of Management (IIM), and her online podcast workshops on BookMyShow consistently sell out.


Kyaa Matlab Network has successfully reached out to numerous brands, helping them share their perspectives on life and their brands through concise five-minute podcasts. Podcasts have become a valuable tool for establishing thought leadership, connecting with audiences, building brand loyalty, and enhancing marketing efforts. Kyaa Matlab Network offers comprehensive podcast production services and ecosystem ,enabling businesses and individuals to focus on their core content while experts manage the technical aspects.


Kyaa Matlab Network's unique approach to experiential learning through bite-sized podcasts is reshaping the way we consume content and share knowledge. As they continue to expand their footprint in the podcast industry, Rashi Khanna and her team are set to make a lasting impact.








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