Have you ever thought that the gadgets you are addicted to, are a source of crime. The virtual world is becoming vulnerable to offensive criminal activities with 43% of the total public suffering from its effect. Technology have revolutionized every aspect of human life over the years, from communication to entertainment. These technological advancements have also led many offenders to commit crimes. Cybercrime can therefore be viewed as the malicious act that effect the virtual world. Such crimes usually don’t have same impact in the reality. It is now increasing terribly over the internet, and will not only effect an individual rather the nation as a whole, in terms of economic and security reasons. 


Offenders use several different ways to target and harass an individual. They smoothly compromise the gadgets and infringe our privacy. Some of the trends followed to commit those crimes are listed below:

1. Phishing – fake email ids are used to gather the personal information of the target.
2. Hacking – computers are accessed by an intruder without the notice of the owner.
3. Injecting virus – some files are designed in such a way that as soon as they are run, chain of commands occur and virus gets injected into the system.
4. Spamming – huge volumes of mails are sent to the target by an abuser which leads to the individual’s account being crashed. 
5. Stalking online – offender virtually follows the target and gather all the valuable information which he later use for harassment. 
6. Credit cards fraud – criminal offensively uses the credit card of a person without his notice, and easily withdraw or transfer a lot amount of money.
7. Piracy – almost every internet user contribute to it, either knowingly or unknowingly. The contents or work (as a whole) of someone else is used without even giving them credits, which leads to less revenue collection of that person from its original workpiece. 
8. Pornography – sharing vulgar contents, pictures, videos and posts is stated as a punishable offence according to the Indian constitution. However, there are many sites which still provide a platform for its accessibility. Mostly, the targeted ones are woman and youngsters.


Cyber bullying is a form of humiliating an individual online, through smartphones, tablets and computers. Several social networking sites are a room for this offense. It is a rife on internet, with over large percentage of youngsters being targeted every single day. Cyber bullying affects people from any age or any work of life, including teenagers and adults, who feel very distressed after being targeted. Girls are more likely to get affected as compared to others. Individuals, who are bullied, start loosing confidence to face the society, they even feel embarrassed or ashamed to confide with others, spend a lot of time alone in one corner by withdrawing themselves from the family and friends, pressurize themselves mentally and physically and sometimes are even forced to take severe steps and risk their lives.


Is it right to hide from the whole world after being victimized? No, rather you have to stand strong and face the situation. Cyber crime in India is now a very crucial issue and therefore all the necessary steps are being taken for the prosecution. The Indian police are technologically equipped to find the culprit. You can confidently file a FIR, report abuse to all the offensive stuffs on digital platform, and can even consult private corporations who have more experience with cybercrime investigation.Remember you are not the only victim, just gather the strength within yourselves, stay positive, divulge with your loved ones and take the help of legal authorities. 

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