CYBER KINGS INDIA was founded in 2019, by  ATHUL JOJO when he was aged 18 years old, with a single mission, that is, ‘To Propagate the importance Of Cyber Security in every nooks and corners of Country’.
Cyber Kings India Is An Organization That Is Working For The Better Implementation Of Cyber Security In The World. Our Vision Is To Propagate The Importance Of Cyber Security In Every Nooks And Corners Of The Country. We Are Working For A More Secured World Everyday. We Also Focus On Introducing Young Talents Of The Country To The Field Of Cyber Security. Cyber Security Is Considered To Be A Rapidly Developing Field That Has Grown To Be An Integral Part Of Today’s Tech Society.
Cyber Security is Refered To As The Protection Of Devices From Threats And The Security Measures That We Should Practice. Its Important At Organization Level, As Well As Individual Level. We are aiming at introducing security from a micro to a macro level to the world. We are fortunate enough to have a great team working with us for the betterment of Cyber Security.
Technology is growing every day. Our world is currently witnessing the greatest change in Information Technology. Within these few years, With The Massive Growth Of The Technology, Cyber Crimes Are Also Increasing every day. In This Situation, We Bring forward The Concept Of Ethical Hacking.Cyber Kings India consists of a team of Penetration testers, Vulnerability Analysts and Security Researchers that are working for a better implementation of Cyber Security in the world.Hacking rates are increases every day in our country. We provide the accurate reports and news regarding hacking incidents that takes place in the world.
Finding the proper investors for the business is one of the major issue faced by every company and individual. We help them to find the proper investors for their start-ups and business.Cyber Kings India has a dedicated portal that has been designed for the students of the country. The Students portal aims to introduce the young talent of the country to the world of cyber security. It also provides many services for start ups.


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