1. Describe about your Business and founders

The company name is Quantum Robotics. We started this in the year 2021 on January 8th. Allashyam Charan is the founder of the company. This is a service and manufacturing company. When it comes to service we provide internships, webinars, workshops, project management, and events. Whereas when it comes to manufacturing we provide the best industry appliances and also fast production.

2. What is the biggest challenge of being a CEO and how do you overcome it?

As this is a start-up company, my one and the only challenge is to create awareness about the company in the world. Our vision is, we want the world to lift the BOT technology. We will overcome this by giving a hard and solid foundation to the company.

3. Where do you see the company in the next five years?

From now in the next five years we will see our company as a well-known Robotics service and manufacturing company in all the Asian and USA countries.

4. Did you ever feel like giving up on being a CEO and what motivated you to pull this off?

This company is my dream and there is no giving up on this. As I am the CEO, I have to make my company grow bigger than ever I dreamed of. My partners help me in all aspects. Also they give me the correct advice, so I have no fear of giving up the company. The thing that motivated me to start this company is my university.

5. Describe your biggest achievement

As I said earlier, this is a start-up company and I feel launching this successfully, is my first biggest achievement.

6. From where do you get the idea for business?

When I was in school, everyone said, “when you go for higher education your institution or University will help you for achieving your dream”. But I never got any guidance from there, and I dreamt of launching the company.

7. What was your aim to start the company?

My aim is to give awareness of robotics and why this field has become in demand. We do spread this by making many events.

8. Tell us about your failures

I have no failures. As this is the first step for my success and I always think positively.

9. What is the role of your family in your successful career?

My family plays a very important role, because they helped me in all ways and never looked down on me. They supported my dream and they helped me to achieve that. This is the only reason I can get a successful career.

10. What is your message to the young generation and their parents?

My only message to the younger generation is that, world is becoming increasingly popular with the technologies. So choose the wise technology and make your dreams come true. My message to their parents is, no matter what they choose help them with their dream. Because of your support, they will get success in their career.

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