All of us do not have equal talent. Yet, all of us have an equal opportunity to develop our talent. Bangalore, being one of the main cities which is a factory of building dreams is famously known as Silicon Valley of India. Bangalore has some of the biggest software/ IT companies in the world. This city is home to a flock of immigrants flying in search of opportunities.
Starting in the 1980s, Karnataka emerged as the information technology capital of the country and also Bangalore is ranked among top eight IT clusters in the world. The establishment and success of high technology firms in Bangalore has led to the growth of Information Technology (IT) in India. As of 2017, IT firms in Bengaluru employ about 1.5 million employees in the IT and IT-enabled services sectors, out of nearly 4.36 million employees across India and account for the highest IT-related exports in the country. Here is the list of top 5 Educational Software Companies in Bangalore which are well known for their best services.

1. Susrava Technologies Pvt Ltd

Susrava is a next generation IT consulting company where Technology takes you to the next level. Company is managed by like-minded technocrats who have proven experience in the IT Solutions, Consulting and Management. They identify your specific objectives and align their delivery model as per overall project goals. They have the capabilities to cater a cost effective onsite offshore team structure that can be scaled up as needed. They have skilled and experienced hands-on professionals who can add value, best practices, tools & techniques refined over several years.
Their services include, ISO/Audit Consultations, ITIL Framework, Digital Marketing, Web Site developments, Mobile Application Environments and E-Commerce.

etuition - eTuition is a platform that allows tutors to conduct online tuition classes using virtual classroom with whiteboard facilities and face to face teaching there by creating a one to one attention to student in secure environment.

2. Learning Matters

Learning Matters is an educational technology company. Their vision is, impact student outcomes by improving teacher quality. They take a 360 degree approach to this challenge with their products like;Learning Matters professional development programs are meant for educators, education leaders and young graduates. They have a wide range of up skilling programs from soft skills and communicative English to classroom management to enhance professional and career development.

3. Ellucian

Inspired by the transformative impact of education, Ellucian develops solutions that power the essential work of colleges and universities. As the world’s leading provider of software and services designed for higher education, Ellucian works with more than 2,500 institutions in nearly 50 countries enhancing operations and enriching the experience for over 18 million students.
Ellucian provides student information systems (SIS), finance and HR, recruiting, retention, analytics and advancement software solutions. With more than 1,400 institutions subscribing to Ellucian’s cloud services and SaaS offerings, the company is one of the largest providers of cloud-based solutions in higher education. Ellucian also supports the higher education community with a range of professional services such as application software implementation, training, education, and management consulting.

4. Certif-ID

Certif-ID is a networking site connecting technical experts, institutions, and employers. They are focused on lifting the standard of education, giving people a platform to showcase their verified credentials and connect with industry experts. As an institute, they attract more students, issue digital certificates on blockchain and increase placement opportunities. Students or working professionals can learn new skills and find new jobs by directly connecting with recruitment companies or employers.
If you are struggling to find relevant candidates, you can explore Certif-ID to hire experts and build the workforce of the future. They redefine the future of networking, learning and recruiting. Certif-ID provides its members with a platform to build, develop and showcase technical competence. They are Focusing on the education sector, educators, recruiters, and professionals who can share knowledge, plan learning journeys and search based on verified credentials.
Their Specialties includes, Issue Digital Certificate, Blockchain Verification, Increase Placements, Reduce Counterfeit Certificates, Career Guidance, Job Posting, and Upgrade Skills. Their vision is to create equal opportunity for technical professionals around the globe and their mission is to build an open and inclusive platform that harmonizes educational standards and connects key stakeholders in the area of technical skills.

5. FutoLearn Edtech pvt. Ltd

FutoLearn Edtech Pvt. Ltd. is one of the fastest-growing companies in the educational technology space. They believe in exposing children to big ideas of tomorrow. One such initiative is FutoLearn AI and Coding, which introduces Artificial Intelligence (AI) to children at an early age to unlock creativity, enhance productivity, identify new possibilities and accomplish dreams on their terms. It will help students gather a strong foundation in technology and develop their secondary and cognitive skills. Most importantly, students will understand that they can be creators rather than consumers of the technology.
 Their Specialties are Artificial Intelligence Education, AI for Kids, machine learning for kids, Virtual Classroom Platform, AI and coding Platform, AI skill-based learning , AI Books, Machine Learning for Kids, and Coding for Kids.

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