1. Describe about your Business and founders

Dr. Insiya Mustafa, the Founder and CEO of “ICONIC NETWORKING CLUB”. Also, the Founder and Fitness Director of “Fitoshe - The Fitness Club” based in Surat. I’m a 28 years old happily married lady, a mother of two daughters and a proud Female Entrepreneur as well. By profession I am Physiotherapist, Childbirth Educator, Personal Trainer, Pilates Instructor and also Business Consultant.

2. What is the biggest challenge of being a CEO and how do you overcome it?

Being a Founder or CEO, it was never been easy to execute the plan in the exact way I wanted. It was a roller coaster to do something out of the box but worth enjoying. Here I am going to talk about my second venture that is “Iconic Networking Club”.
Iconic networking club is an organisation for Bohra female entrepreneurs to support small business and to support women empowerment, irrespective of, if they are just a start-up or well expanded or just a reseller. This platform is to generate offline as well as online references to our core members as well as non-INC members to grow and support each other's businesses.

3. Where do you see the company in the next five years and how will you bring about the change?

Inc's vision is very much clear; that is, about uplifting women entrepreneurs. Within the span of two months, we are now a strong team of 60 plus members from different cities as well as countries. We have expanded our wings in Surat, Pune, Chennai, UAE and many more cities. Our vision is to reach maximum number of women entrepreneurs globally in coming years and to take women entrepreneurship to another level.

4. Did you ever feel like giving up on being a CEO and what motivated you to pull this off?

Giving up was never an option. I was enjoying this journey, there were lot of learnings and a passion that kept me working on my goals. Being on higher post which holds lots of responsibilities and pressure to give your best, as it holds lots of expectations of people around you.Achieving a goal is a wildly exhilarating thing. If you’re flirting with the idea of giving up, you could be throwing away something wonderful.

5. Describe your biggest achievement

Our biggest achievement till date is all the love, support and appreciation we got from people regarding our capability to make difference in someone's life or business. We are more than happy and proud to share that we have interchanged more than 1 lakh rupees of business internally within the period of two months.

6. From where you get the idea for business and what was your aim to start the company? Tell us some of your failures during your journey.

Initially, there were cases wherein people judged this concept and questioned whether it will work or not. I also got demotivated because of those comments by people around me. But the idea was very much clear to create such a platform where women can get acknowledgement for their hard work which they really deserve. Hence the concept is proved and Idea was up to the mark and worked well by the God’s grace.
7. What is the role of your family in your successful career?

As mentioned above I am a mother of two daughters and have a family. And being a working mother, it was very much challenging throughout. I would not be able to achieve anything in my life without the constant support and motivation from the man of my life, my husband, Mustafa Kolsawala.
There is a saying “behind every successful man there is a woman”. But I can proudly say that “Behind my success, there is a support of my man, my husband”.

8. What is your message to the young generations and to their parents?

It is a long way to go, this is just a beginning. If you have a clear vision and enough passion to do something out of the box then do not wait for someone's approval. Allow your children to fail and learn because, “Learning Never Ends”.

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