About Dharmendara Kumar & CPC Group

Dharmendara Kumar (DK) founder & CEO, of CPC group of companies @ Dubai and India. A Pioneering Environmental Technologist with 15 years of Experience in Industrial Automation and Environmental protection. CPC is engaged with reducing the carbon immersion, Working of Climatic Changes along with Digitization of Technology. We have a wide range of customers across the world.

CPC Group of Companies

CPC Group of companies in the field of water and waste water industry, Process Instrumentation and Solid waste Management. The company is on Dubai, UAE and the Regional office in India.

Reason behind starting this company

The need for sustainability in business is an essential part of running in modern business. The impact of developing business practices has an impact not only on business but also its customers, society and environment too. Regardless of the size of the company, one can develop sustainable performance that also helps to become more successful as well. I believe that companies that help protect the environment also protect their own wealth & profit. 

Qualities we should look for in a new employee

a. Ability to produce results

b. Passion

c. Putting skills into action

d. Fitting the work environment

e. Team player

f. Giving credit to others

g. Responsiveness

Experience in the corporate world

Yes around 16+ years of experience in various disciplines. 

First hiring experience

It was exciting moment. It was for the position of proposal engineer. Finally we shortlisted two and they attended the interview. We selected a guy from a well renowned college. In spite of his top performance in marks, his communication skills were not up to the mark. However we believed in him and he outperformed. 

Motivation behind running this successful company

a. Meeting deadlines, targets or goals

b. Mentoring and coaching others

c. Coming up with creative ideas to solve something new

d. To lead a team to success

e. Completing difficult part and weeping it through the end. 

f. Introspecting

g. Challenging myself to achieve specific task.


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