About Kerala Startup Growth

Kerala is one of the states that has worked to build a thriving ecosystem for a sustainable startup that uses exponential technologies and develops answers to issues facing society as a whole. With young entrepreneurs starting new businesses in every part of the state and working to gain international recognition, Kerala is one among them that is quickly becoming a startup hotspot. As the number of companies rises, people are getting more and more interested in entrepreneurship, and 2022 is becoming known as "The Year of Startups.” Kerala is believed to have set a target of producing close to 15,000 startups over the next five years. Kerala is mentioned in the study on enhancing startup and economic growth as a state that is constantly working to maximise its potential. Kerala was also able to recover to its full capacity, despite a slight mismatch in the pandemic’s effects on startup economic growth. The state’s startup environment greatly benefited from the assistance of the government and its alluring incentives for early-stage businesses. The Kerala government has supported various startups and is actively attempting to develop a number of initiatives to support this development. In order to do this, it established the Kerala Startup Mission (KSUM) in 2006 with the goal of fostering technological entrepreneurial activities by providing the necessary infrastructure and ecosystem. The organisation has been successful in creating a healthy startup environment that enables technology entrepreneurs to achieve their ambitions by offering them total assistance throughout the business life cycle. Over the years, KSUM has consistently worked to support entrepreneurs in overcoming competition and establishing profitable enterprises. In order to improve the start-up ecosystem in the state, it has given grants totaling more than Rs 25 crore to both new and established start-ups since 2017. For startups in Kerala who want to support ideas and develop them into fully-fledged businesses, innovation grants are offered as the first and primary source of startup capital. The Kerala Startup Mission has received over 8,000 creative ideas from tech startups in the last five years. With the help of the government and numerous organisations and programs, Kerala is showcasing its entrepreneurial talent to the world and has grown from a small startup ecosystem to a larger one that ranks first in Asia and fourth worldwide.


Names of Emerging Entrepreneurs from Kerala is listed below

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