About Sisai Technologies and it’s founders

Sisai Technologies delivers state-of-the-art technology solutions for Industry. Our expertise in Embedded Systems & Enterprise applications bridges the gap between multidisciplinary technology spaces.

Founded by myself, Pranay Upadhyay and Girish Jena in 2017, Sisai Technologies is an Industrial IoT and Automation company.

Rajesh has 17 years of Industry experience in Business Development, Pre-Sales, Product Management, Solution Architecture and Product Development. Experience in managing end-to-end execution of complex & high valued projects in a Global Delivery Model. Problem solver with a passion for technology; skilled in grasping the big picture and applying appropriate & practical technology / mix of technologies that meet business needs. Worked with top Technology firms like Symantec, BMC software and EDS in the past. His last stint was with Calsoft Inc. where he worked with clients like IBM, Lenovo and Dell-EMC. He did his Masters in Computer Application and Executive PGDBM from Symbiosis International University.

Pranay is the Co-Founder with 14 years of Industry experience in Embedded Hardware Design & Development. He has worked on a wide range of technologies such as Electro-Optics, LASER/APD, Precise Sensing and Monitoring, Analog and Digital Circuit Design based on Microcontroller and FPGA, Digital Signal Processing and Image Processing. He has worked with Different Indian Defence Research institutions in India and delivered projects successfully. Pranay is fond of teaching and training and he gives lectures at several engineering colleges in Pune as visiting faculty. He did his B.E (E&Tc) and M.E (Signal Processing) from Pune university.

Girish is the Co-Founder with 15 years of Industry experience in Software testing and Automation Design. He has worked on several technologies such as VxVM Storage, SAN, NAS, Functional, integration and system testing of Symantec, BMC software, IBM bladecenter, Lenovo products. Girish has a knack for technology. He loves to tinker with microcontrollers. He did his B.E (Computer Science) from BPUT University Odisha. Also, he is CCNA Certified, Red Hat Certified technician.

What Sisai Technologies does?

Our tagline is, Making Industries Productive through Innovation.

India is poised to become an alternate manufacturing hub. Indian industries are still using old tools and technologies for production and manufacturing. This is affecting their efficiency, costs are high, profit margins are low.

Industries need to adopt automation, IoT and Industry4.0 to upgrade themselves and increase their productivity. But the problem is, the cost of technology adoption is too high for the companies, especially the MSME companies. Also, there is a lack of customized solutions. We are developing innovative solutions in Industrial IoT and automation. We have launched our products under the brand, "Ficus" and “Crowsensor”. 

Our goal is to bring cutting edge and appropriate technology solutions at an affordable price.

Vision and plans to achieve the goal

Our expertise in Embedded System domain, Digital Signal Processing (DSP), Image Processing, Machine Learning, Cloud Computing, AI and Enterprise Software development bridge the gap in the multi-disciplinary technology space. Currently, we are producing IoT devices.

Our plan is to grow Sisai Technologies as an integrated industrial solution provider. We plan to enter Mechatronics and Robotics. For this, we want to establish an integrated manufacturing plant for production.

Strategies used to increase the market value

We are working on following strategies: 

• Brand Promotion.

• Preparing a unique product and services mix using HW device and SaaS application.

• Creating an ecosystem of dealers, system integrators, service providers.

• Strengthening customer relationship.

About the leadership philosophy

Continuous Improvement, Incremental growth.

One of my personal learning that I would like to tell everyone: never Procrastinate the tasks or activities you have planned.  Start them as early as possible.

Attracting top talents and working environment

Sisai Technologies has an open environment. I feel that office work should be aligned with the employee's deeper choice of their personal goal. The cultural aspect is very important. People should be allowed and encouraged to pursue their personal goals as well. Apart from this, we have -a transparent feedback system, happy & dynamic workplace. Apart from monetary compensation, these are important factors to attract talent.

Ensuring the availability of right people in the right position

Human resources are the main asset of any organization. They are the most important stakeholders in your business. Grooming of human resources is critical for the overall growth of the organization. Continuous learning is very important for growth. We encourage everyone to learn new things and pickup skills. Based on their skills and interests, they can climb up on career ladder.

Rajesh K. Upadhyay
Sisai Technologies Private Limited

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