Reema Nakra, Founder, Talent Search Management Consulting in a nutshell.

Reema Nakra is an industry leader with 18+ years of experience and has flair for entrepreneurship and writing.

She is founder of Talent Search Management Consulting (TSMC)-Delhi which was formed in 2019 and specializes in executive hiring and Corporate trainings. She has also authored two industry books which focus on challenges and changes that would impact the HR industry.

She has done her post-graduation in human resources from the Institute of Management Technology, and is a Bachelor of Commerce from Delhi University.

She has worked with various corporate houses and businesses, for hiring talent across levels along with training and development of resources at C-Suite and Leadership level. She has strong acumen for setting up Leadership Teams of renowned Corporate Groups.

At TSMC, her major focus in on engaging with clients in a consultative mode – where the talent search is based on the identified role, profile challenges etc. She is passionately committed to working with a sense of trust and believes in creating a professional & ethical work relation, maintaining transparent and pro-active communication.

Reema writes books that explore the future of the work, she began her writing journey in 2020 and within span of a year, has written 2 non-fiction books – focus has been to prepare the Corporates for current challenges and workforce for survival in future of work.

Talent Search Management Consulting, in pursuit

TSMC is leading HR Consulting based out of Delhi, pioneer in Recruitment services and corporate trainings. TSMC is run by Reema Nakra, vivid entrepreneur and leading name in HR Consulting world.

We provide dynamic, comprehensive and implementable solutions to the corporate world, enabling you nurture and sustain a competitive edge through Human Resource with focus on quality. We focus on Talent Hiring, Executive Search & Selection/Middle-Senior level hiring, Market Intelligence, Corporate Trainings. Along with, we deliver a range of talent acquisition services and trainings to companies by leveraging our domain knowledge built over 2 decades.

The inspiration for the start off

Knowing that each day brings new challenges and a chance to engage your passion is reason enough to start your own business. If you already have background in the market and you want to enter, you are likely more than halfway there already. If you already have experience and network in your business market, you can start finding customers/clients before you even launch. Life as an entrepreneur, especially in the first couple of years, is extremely difficult.  There are high highs and low lows. There are times when you will question why are you taking this route and if it’s ever going to become what you want it to. That’s where passion comes into play. You can always tune into your passion to help you with your branding, storytelling, copywriting, and everything else that represents you and your business. Passion is what draws the right people to want to learn from or work with you.

What was your most heartfelt feedback from your clients?

Yes, many times we get loyal feedback from clients, some motivates us and some improves us and keep us going. Positive feedback is always a biggest source of motivation. Refer client

Attempting a scaling on your business

Scaling a consulting business comes with number of challenges, which can be overcome if your scaling follows good system, building strong foundation before. Scaling is very important, so each decision you make can significantly affect the overall outcome. So we believe in six S framework for scaling-Staff, shared values, structure, speed scope and Series-X-Cost vs Profit.

Balance is the key

Because being an entrepreneur is tough. You have a lot of highs and lows, and not a lot of other people to help you grow the business. If your life is out of balance, you won’t be able to excel in any area. Working longer is usually not more productive, but the temptation to overwork is always there. You must find a way to integrate the things that are important to you while growing your business.
Schedule your Life not only your work. For instance, it’s 11:30 pm. You’re not going to lose that client if you wait until tomorrow to respond to his request for a project estimate. Set work hours for yourself and stick to them. If you make yourself available at all hours—while out to dinner, while on vacation etc.—you set a dangerous precedent!

Foresight of Talent Search Management Consulting

Our vision is to be at forefront of global search firm through innovation and quality service and creating productive, engaging and profitable workplaces.

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