Sanjay Ahuja - Founder and CEO of Cionlabs Private Limited 

Sanjay Ahuja, an engineer by profession and a photographer by passion. I am also a technical specialist, a public speaker, and a life coach. I consider myself a lifelong student who has a master's degree in electronics from Kurukshetra University, a master's degree in software systems from BITS Pilani, an Executive MBA from IMI Delhi and is presently pursuing a doctorate at Amity University. Aside from my successful corporate position and loving family, my life is ideal, and I couldn't want anything more. I'm a tech fanatic who is enthusiastic about new technological breakthroughs. I've been quite excited about developing solutions on my own that can tackle complex IT challenges since the beginning.

I spent a significant amount of time in the corporate sector. I had a variety of leadership positions, all of which contributed to my experience and aided me in my development as a trustworthy leader. It also assisted me in honing my abilities and gaining subject knowledge.

What drew you away from a job in the corporate world and toward self-employment?

Everything begins with a dream and a vision in one's mind. I always see myself in a situation where I can pursue my professional goals and find personal fulfilment in my work. Starting my own company has been a lifelong goal since I started my career 25 years ago.

I decided to take early retirement from my corporate career to pursue my interests. Retirement, in my opinion, is a time during which you may enjoy your life while following the aspirations that you are passionate about. As an entrepreneur, I have an endless playground of opportunities and a free space to work and bring my ideas to life, which seems challenging in corporate employment.

Cionlabs Private Limited 

Cionlabs was founded by a group of industry specialists with solid domain expertise who came from the world's best technology and consulting businesses to deliver The Best in the Industry. We are a young startup providing full-stack product engineering services to small and medium-sized enterprises (MSMEs). Consulting services, product design, and development are ways we assist clients in improving their digital experience, increasing revenue, and achieving operational excellence.

We can build complete end-to-end solutions to address industry challenges, adding value to our clients' businesses while increasing profitability and ensuring long-term viability. We offer extensive industry expertise, a competent team, and creative solutions in the areas of innovative embedded products, the Internet of Things, cloud computing, automation, mobility, artificial intelligence and machine learning, computer vision, and additive manufacturing.

What type of issue are you attempting to solve with your startup's services?

Cionlabs is a one-stop-shop for all your information technology (IT) Life Cycle requirements. Among Cionlabs' offerings are consulting services, end-to-end product engineering, Be-Spoke software development, and resource management.

Inspired by the Make in India program, we concentrate our efforts on the domestic market for MSMEs, providing inexpensive solutions using new technologies in the manufacturing, retail, e-commerce, and telecommunications industries.

List of Products which is already in the market:

  1. Manufacturing/Material Resource Planning

  2. E-commerce Multivendor Platform

  3. Inventory Management System

  4. Biometric Authentication System

  5. ERP/CRM

  6. Point of Sales (POS)

Most significant achievement as an entrepreneur

Amid the excitement of starting a new company, it's easy to lose track of reality. But, in addition to that, you must ensure that nothing is neglected and that everything is handled correctly. Inevitably, things won't go exactly as planned, whether you're building your product or fulfilling a promise. And that's just OK! When you're an entrepreneur, it's just part of the job description. The most noteworthy accomplishment, in my opinion, has been the introduction of various SaaS products in only a few months after combining our company's operations.

We were wondering how you were able to keep your prices so low.

We understand how to cut operational expenses to deliver cost-effective SaaS solutions for MSMEs while keeping high-quality performance standards. Not necessarily; you need an AK47 to hit a mosquito. Our target clientele is medium, small, and micro-sized businesses, which may or may not already have enterprise systems in place. To provide our solutions at an accessible price to MSMEs, we have constructed our enterprise solutions with that sector in mind and created simplified solutions equivalent to COTS products available on the market.

What makes your company unique in comparison to your competitors?

Every business has competitors, but not every business can be the best. If you have a company that you feel is not different from the rest, it might be time to change your marketing strategy. Your company should stand out above the rest because consumers will always value quality over price.

As a small business owner, there are plenty of things that you can do that your competitors cannot. While many of these differences are internal, such as having an established company culture or hiring top-notch employees, others are external—such as the products or services you offer and how they're presented to potential customers.

Being in the corporate world for over two decades helped us understand the domain and the business values for the clients. Our team of experienced developers focuses on providing our clients with the most effective and high-quality software solutions to solve their business issues. 


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