Ruchitha Marupuri - Founder of Eudwiskin

I am Ruchitha Marupuri, Architect and founder of Eudwiskin. I completed my architecture from RV College of Architecture, Bangalore. I love learning new things and have a curious mind-set. I am a skincare enthusiast and a travel junkie. Learning about skincare has always been by vocational passion which led me to enrol myself in a skincare formulation diploma that’s CPD certified post where journey of Eudwiskin began. I’ve always pictured myself as an entrepreneur and business is something I’m really passionate about. 


Eudwiskin is an organic natural skincare brand that was inspired by age-old techniques of skincare formulation. We believe in power of nature and there is undoubtedly no better healer than nature. Our intent is to provide high quality, unadulterated and toxic chemical free products to our customers. Each product is carefully handcrafted in order to maintain high quality. 

The concept behind Eudwiskin

Growing up, skincare to me were all the DIY’s that my grandmother and mother followed. Those were something that worked really well on me. When I joined architecture, due to the exhausting working hours it was impossible for me to spend time for my self-care and eventually all the side effects of unhealthy lifestyle showed up. But it is slightly difficult for any working person to spend 30-40 mins every day for skincare so, a product that is nontoxic and still highly potent and is as simple to use as any other commercial product would solve the issue. That’s when the idea of Eudwiskin was born. Architecture taught me to be sensitive and responsible towards nature and I intend to follow the same principles. Most of our raw materials are sourced directly from the local farms to ensure we maintain high quality of the products.

Can you share one of the most heart touching acknowledgements from your client?

Every feedback we received and continue to receive from our customers are highly valuable and they have only helped us better our service and products. We are predominantly customer driven company. My mother is my biggest critic and she was the first one to purchase our products. I was really nervous about her feedback but receiving positive feedback from her was something really special and personal. That was really heart touching for me.

How are you planning to scale up the business?

Yes, we plan on scaling up our business and also expanding it internationally. We are currently working on that. Last year, we started retailing our products at a retail store in Vishakhapatnam. Eventually in the coming few months we should be able to retail in multiple other organic stores. Along with that we are also currently available on e-commerce websites such as and localoption. We are also in talks with a UK based e-commerce start-up. 

Footing between professional and personal life

Being an entrepreneur is definitely challenging it requires a lot of patience and consistency. However, I do try to maintain balance between my professional and personal life. By simply being organised and prioritising tasks. According to me, over working is just going to drain mentally and physically and to any entrepreneur it is important that they balance out mental and physical health. I am very active on social media, in fact I do talk about balancing both personal and professional life a lot, encouraging fellow aspiring entrepreneurs. I do make sure I give enough time to pursue my hobbies and take frequent breaks from work. Initially it was difficult until I started having set routine.

Where do you see Eudwiskin in next 5 years

In the next 5 years, I see Eudwiskin being available on all major platforms and retail stores that resonate with our purpose and vision. Indian made skincare is gaining a lot of attention and traction now. Hopefully we’d be able to contribute to that through Eudwiskin in the near future. 


  1. Priyanka30 January

    Hi Ruchitha,
    Happy to have you here. I am very interested to know that is this your first venture or did you done anything before?

    1. Hi Priyanka
      Thank you so much, Yes this is my first business venture. I started this during my final year of Architecture.

  2. Since how long you started this?

    1. Hi Kiran, The idea of starting Eudwiskin was in 2018 and later in 2020 we launched Eudwiskin.

  3. Really motivating the young generations. Thanks


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