Entrepreneurs are important in a free market because they help the market respond to changing prices and consumer preferences. An entrepreneur may be motivated to enter an industry to offer a more ethical product or provide a service to a community. Entrepreneurs create new businesses and in turn create opportunities of employment for people. Many people have been made redundant due to COVID-19, thus starting a business is an opportunity to either work for themselves or they can help support and develop an entrepreneur’s business.

Entrepreneurs challenge existing firms to become more competitive as they often enter the market with lower prices and greater product variety. This can cause existing players in the market to re-assess their operations, increase their value, lower costs, and become more efficient.

Emerging Companies from Tamil Nadu 2022

• Dorustree 

• G Square Clothing 

• FujiSakura Technologies Pvt Ltd

• OntoBorn Technologies LLC

• Ksquareinteriors 

• Oliva Mattress 

• Autotherm Equipments Corporation 

• Baboolsoft

• UpliftIt 

• Infeg 

• A Toddler Thing 

• UsedBooksFactory 

• Insysness Technology Pvt. Ltd

• GVA Technocraft


• Agal Technologies 

• Experts IN Solutions Pvt. Ltd

• Macincode Technologies


• Fireloop

• ProPlus Logics Solutions Pvt. Ltd

• EMBE Tech Solutions

• Swasth

• Cookies Technologies

• aushdhee

• Datanigma

• Blaze Institute

• Arunsystems

• Prodige Minds India Pvt.Ltd




• B-Arm Medical Technologies

• Torbit Technologies Private Limited

• Weeroda

• Hakme International (P) Ltd.
• Acculer Media

• Five Minutes

• hCue ( Elixir Soft Lab Solutions Pvt Ltd )

• Desok Technologies


• SolidDot

• Webboombaa

• Space Zone India

• LeanKloud Solutions Private Limited

• Bodyapp

• LiquidStone


• Loanwiser

• FoodEnginePOS.com

• Chennai Rice Industries

• Aqgromalin

Increased competition in an economy is advantageous because firms and individuals will source methods to better improve their operations. The new business formation of entrepreneurs with high-growth ambitions and innovation will push established firms to increase their productivity and enhance their performance. As the trends in the world continue to change, people’s demands will change, giving entrepreneurs an opportunity to start new businesses.

If a marketplace is saturated, this can result in entrepreneurs seeking new markets for their services and products, which can be considered as a positive impact on the economy. Entrepreneurs may even create entirely new industries that become the engines of future growth.

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