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Founder and CEO of LearnathonLets Make Things Happen, an organization operating pan India and now expanding its horizons globally, it aims to bring a change in employee experience through training in the space of soft skills, leadership and coaching.

Niharica is a professional with over 12 plus years of experience in HR and has handled various roles which support business functions, business partnering, central ER, Talent , Learning and development, recruitments etc…her mission is to create a market reach for skills (re skilling and up skilling)

We started towards the end of 2018, after having worked in the Learning and development space for a leading FMCG (Unilever) giant, she moved with the leading training organization Dale Carnegie and realized training can be affordable and experiential to create an eco- system of employees and institutions as it caters across segments.

Niharica Dutt  started her own organization(Learnathon- Lets Make Things Happen)  where soft skill and leadership skills would help in  supporting the business KPIs, my team works closely with business to help train and engage the workforce through experiential training.

Our prime focus is to create an eco-system where basic soft skills and critical skills are imparted as a studio design to the employees and help business achieve their expected outcome, we have been instrumental in working as extended training partners with some of the best names in the industry.

Resilience is what best describes the founder and CEO, Niharica Dutt. She is on a mission to embark a journey where Learnathon can be a one stop solution to communication skills ( soft skill, leadership and coaching), along with it designing the HR architect curating an environment for clients to work closely and help them make things more effective from business stand point.

We plan to proceed with institutions and wellness industry where the need for skills is every growing, thereby having a reach to reduce skill gap with programs like campus to corporate programs and skill development.



As an organization, we work very closely with businesses and institutions in the space of training.

We co-create concepts through which we customize programs to meet the expectations of our clients. Being an end-to-end service provider of training and development, we bring in more accountability and growth mindset for our clients.

We run Pan India projects and work hand in hand with businesses to create an impact with a productive life cycle, ensuring business its returns and helping employees upskill and reskill themselves.

We are not just any training company, we are more into experiential training solutions.One has to work with us to see how different we are. Backed by 28 years of industry experience and carry a strength of 65 trainers across India who are empaneled with us, co- creating concepts which bring in customized solutions, by keeping the business framework in mind.

We are now opening our horizons to institutions which would cater to schools and professional institutes, there by getting us to the roots of creating an eco-system, skills required to be hired or preparing them for the next big leap in the entrepreneurial journey.


The reason for gap in communication skills

A decade ago, we observed that there was a high demand for workers with technical skills (hard skills). As markets evolve, many of these tasks can now be done easily by computers or robots through AI (Artificial Intelligence and Robotic Automation).

Industry experts are now seeking skills that cannot be automated (soft skills) such as communication, leadership, creativity, adaptability, and problem-solving.

As every business is human to human, the need to connect and express ideas stands at the core of any business/individual.

When the pandemic hit globally, a new leadership style emerged: empathetic leaders, wellness became a priority, coaching, to connect to come of these skills like presentations, emails, problem solving, employee engagement, and critical thinking were centred as top priorities for many organizations.

On the other hand, which is a major part when your current workforce's skill set doesn't align with the skills, they need to do the jobs, there remains a gap for technical as well as soft skills. 


The methodologies used in training programs

At Learnathon, as an organization we are heavy on prework and work extensively in areas where we imbibe the principles of learn, reflect, and execute.

  1. Technology-based learning, Simulation, On-the-job training, Coaching/mentoring
  2. Instructor-led training, Roleplaying, Films and videos.
  3. Case studies.
  4. Cognitive and gamification.

The effectiveness of an educational/training program

Although, at face value, evaluating training effectiveness might seem pretty straight forward, it begins to throw up tricky questions once you start looking at how to approach it.

Taking a base evaluation on how well learners remember what they’ve been taught Learnathon works excessively on pre work and post work, on long term projects.

The main area of evaluation in which e-learning can help is that of knowledge retention. Historically, it may have been straightforward enough to get employee reactions to training, monitor how well they’ve put it into practice, and see how that has reflected in company performance.

Evaluating knowledge retention from training, though, would have required subsequent and continued testing, which might have been too time-consuming to feel worthwhile.

Reaction, learning, behaviour, and results are the key pillars of how we evaluate. If the TNA is not done, we dig deeper and plan a 3 day TNA to understand how best we can curtail our needs and suggest details as deemed fit.


Reaching the desired target

For now, we have an organic reach and a dedicated team for sales and business development. We are now planning to move overseas and are looking to expand further.

We are open to work across sectors and curtail their needs, we will now partner with educational Institutions to help create an eco -system making the generation future ready.

Gaining the momentum

Learnathon, to be the largest training company catering across industries and continents, focusing on training globally.

By bringing in worldwide exposure, more focus on cross cultural training, leadership, soft skills and creating a pool of niche workshops with coaches across the globe.

Learnathon is now moving into gamification and scaling up a  hybrid model on training facilitation, moving beyond presentation and making coaching available even for mid management level (thus, making transitions to the next role/project easier).

 Website - http://learnathon.co.in/

Mail - niharica.dutt@learnathon.co.in

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