Vasudevan Parthasarathy, Founder, Fronseye Tech n Trade Private Limited Company

I am Vasudevan Parthasarathy, based in Chennai. My professional journey, after completing my engineering, started as a software engineer in a small company, and almost 16 years passed just like that with a couple of other top companies in India, but I had a chance to learn a lot every day. Fronseye is my second start-up, as my first start-up was a failure. There is a universal rule that everyone talks about entrepreneurship; if somebody aspires to be an entrepreneur, then they should not quit their current company and hustle with their current job. But in my case, this did not work out, as I could not concentrate on both things. I had to travel to the US and was away from my start-up, and I could not take it up any further. Working for a company did not end well in my career, so I decided to quit and start a new journey. Hence, Fronseye was born. This is just my case; I do not want others to take this on a positive note. I would rather say to the budding entrepreneurs that they take their own time and decide according to their current situation.

Fronseye Tech n Trade Private Limited Company

We are incorporated under the Ministry of Corporate Affairs and are limited by shares. The main objective of the company is software product development and it is approved and recognised by the Central Government's DPIIT and the State Government's StartupTN as a "Start-up Company." We help in digitising businesses' end-to-end workflows, be it any business type. We have been a part of Digitization & Robotic Process Automation on the US Title Search industry’s internal KPO work and built a SaaS-based product for government contractors to manage their projects effectively and track them to closure. We have also built a Real Estate Marketplace solution that helps promoters and builders effectively handle their projects and connect with agents to sell them faster. We provide services such as Custom Data Analytics, Custom AI and ML, Algo Trading Platform, ERP solutions, E-Commerce apps, Mobile Apps, IT Consulting, SEO, End-to-End Software Testing, and many more.

Get recognized online

Digitization is now the buzzword across the world. Any business that is not online will eventually fade out in the future at some point in time. And we help them transform their business from a legacy to a futuristic digital model. One of our key metrics is to help businesses achieve an increase in sales/revenue by 1.5 times on a year-to-year basis. We do this by providing them with the data required for the businesses to sustain and run effectively. If we fail, then eventually businesses will also fail to achieve this target. We also bridge the business process workflow gaps that we identify during the project and we enable them to fit at the right time, thereby helping them achieve business standardization.

Customers are our priority

We listen to customers first and deliver what is expected, and do not deviate from the actual needs and requirements of the customers. Most of the customers don’t believe in ready-made suits. A custom software application is the key to any business, and most businesses want a tailored fit. We provide custom software applications based on clients’ business operations. Though some businesses have common features and may run on a SaaS-based model, where our interactions will be very limited, we will always engage in direct connection with the customers, which eventually drives more confidence mutually.

Work in your comfort zone

We are fully operating in a work-from-home mode and there are no strict daily timelines like other companies on what they will do as a swipe in and out. One important thing that I learned during my previous company’s tenure is that when it comes to small companies, the employees are the key to a successful business. They are free to share any personal views and we do not conduct any formal weekly meetings, which I feel is a waste of time for a smaller company like us. We provide paid leaves and we don’t deduct any salary for their leaves until it is unwarranted.

Our Journey

The idea of starting a company struck in the year 2018 and we registered it in mid-2019, which also marked the beginning of the deadly virus era. We started mainly as a product development company and began with a product in mind, and all of a sudden, everything came to a halt due to lockdown and we could not move a bit. Being a start-up and also new to the work-from-home culture, we could not find resources at the beginning. We lag a lot and missed our early delivery schedule. We had only one resource at a point who worked full-time and we understood that we could not work that way. We struggled a lot at the beginning because of the lockdown, like others. All of my savings were gone and I had to take a loan to run the family. Almost a year passed by, and we got our first client for one of our products after repetitive follow-ups. We also got accreditation from the Central Government’s DPIIT as a "Start-Up" company with the help of a product that we developed. Although the current condition is stable, it is still not fully settled. We know it takes time and we are still a work-in-progress company.


Our Code of Ethics

We always strive hard to maintain the quality of all our project deliverables, which is the foremost. We always intend to sign a clean mutual NDA with all the clients before the start of the project and abide by all the terms mentioned. We value the time of the customer and do not delay any of our deliverables as agreed to be deployed. There are some SLAs by which the company operates, and all the communication will be sent to the customer as and when required. In the event of any conflict, we work hard to resolve it for the well-being of both sides. We always engage the customers effectively at known intervals and help them with any roadblocks in their functional processes.



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