Rahul Dasari, Founder & CEO, Dwarka Esports

Myself, Rahul Dasari, Founder & CEO-Dwarka Esports, aged 16, have been in the esports business since 2018.
I started my esports career as an event manager, later hopping into talent management.

Dwarka Esports

Dwarka Esports is a Gaming Talent Management Company. We are currently managing 2500+ gaming content creators with a viewership network of 5B+ across India!
We provide brands and campaigns to creators to help them gain an audience, grow financially, and gain brand exposure!

Bring to a perfect finish

Brands always require different types of creators, so we classify our creator base according to the brand's criteria.
We then confirm the expected deliverables and pricing of the brand with our creators. Once our creators are ready for it, we start the endorsement!

Refashioning the business

We, as a talent management agency, act as an intermediary between brands and creators.
Our main revenue model is that we have special incentives from brands as well as take commission charges from the creators!

Gathering Talents

We have acquired many talents across various platforms into our network since we began this hunt for talent management back when esports was still in its early stages!
Through BlockChain, we come across many new creators every day! And we partner with other agencies too, if there is a requirement for creators during the brand endorsement!


We believe that the customers are the audience. Since we already have a viewship network of 5B+ across India, we are well successful in providing business to brands with whom we worked earlier!


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