Hare Priyaa, Founder, GeeRaj Business Solutions

This is Hare Priyaa, Founder of GeeRaj Business Solutions. By education, I am an engineer, by profession, I am a human resource professional, and by passion, I am an entrepreneur. I love to do different categories of business, which impact people in a positive way. I realized my life goal only in the final year of college that I wanted to become a business woman. Hence, I want to help students understand their life goals at an early stage before choosing their education stream. I don't have a fancy education background, nor do I know what it can bring to me, so I help students connect the dots and better shape their careers. As an HR, I have struggled to manage my transactional work properly, which eats most of my time rather than doing more connecting with my candidates, so I have designed Trackie, which helps to ease the recruitment process of the company and helps recruiters to spend quality time with their candidates to educate them about the company they hire and their culture/benefits etc.


GeeRaj Business Solutions

GeeRaj Business Services has three services currently.

  • Career Guidance

Intended for the age group of students between 15 and 17. We have 500+ types of professions in our database. We take a session on how to identify their life goal and shape their career, which is more into entrepreneurship and self-branding, followed by a psychometric test to analyse the student's interests/hobbies and abilities, which connect with earning opportunity/profession.

  • Placement Assistance Program

Designed for final-year college students or candidates looking to start a career in the IT industry. We get requirements from IT companies and filter them skill-wise, along with the forecasted number of fresh requirements. Then we connect with colleges or individual candidates and train them in resume writing, interview preparation, IT career counselling, Corporate Ethics, and any one of the IT skills as per requirement and place them with our clients.

  • Trackie

Recruitment ATS helps to manage very efficiently the internal owned candidate database by reutilising it before going to any job portals. It also helps with interview schedules, offer management, joiner induction, maintaining employee databases, employee referrals, vendor management and many more.


Trackie, the terminal

Trackie is the niche product of my business, which is necessary for all companies trying to reduce their time to hire and cost per hire, as well as enhance their candidate experience and company branding in their recruitment process.



Pathway of exceptional quality

Career Guidance – Our approach towards choosing a career is different as we understand that it is a life-long learning process and we cannot upgrade ourselves in the skills we do not like to do. So, we choose from the wide variety of options.

Placement Assistance Program- Not all training institutes focus equally on placement. We give equal importance to both training and placements. We get the fresh requirements first and then train them as per the requirements.

Trackie – It is designed by recruiters for recruiters to help to do their work seamlessly. It has many unique features such as asynchronous video interviews, pre-screening questions, the ability to separate and track own payroll and client payroll requirements, and much more.


If you get a candidate in a Career Guidance session, who is not confused but is forced by his parents to choose a career they choose, how will you manage?

We will remind the parents that one cannot sustain in the job which they do not like. We will show them the analytical data which we figured by the psychometric test also we give choices which actually has good earning opportunity as well.


Getting Ready

In the next 7 years, GeeRaj will be able to change the way of recruitment in the IT industry. Recruiters will spend more quality time educating their candidates about their company culture and gaining more trust, which helps them reduce offer drops to 2%. Additionally, India will see a lot younger entrepreneurs in different fields by connecting their passion and profession.


The launch of new initiatives

Career Guidance – We are likely to introduce groups of similar-minded students and help them acquire knowledge in their desired field.

Trackie – We have planned for 23 upgrades as of now, of which a minimum of 10 can happen this year, like uploading bulk resumes in pdf and word formats, employee leave management, IVR to follow-up with candidates, etc.


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