I am Vandana Varanjani, the founder and director of Modus Educational Solutions. I have been in the education sector for the past 22 years. Teaching, writing, and creating books is my passion.


Modus Educational Solutions and its services

Modus Educational Solutions is a one-stop solution which can plug the length and breadth of publishing needs by offering end-to-end publishing and content authoring solutions. Our activities straddle across various segments of children's publications, including textbooks, story books, picture books, illustrated classics, jigsaw puzzles, activity books, sticker books, educational charts, and other pioneering educational aids. We have a broad portfolio.

We also specialise in creating comic books, poster arts, mythology, cover designs, logo designing and flyers. We have conceptualized, designed, and developed a wide range of concept-based and graphic books for different publishers to support learning.


The journey of a book from concept to print

Right from identifying authors to getting the final printed books, we are capable of managing each step from concept to creation of a book. We have reliable concept visualizers, authors, illustrators, and editors on board to make this happen. We also coordinate with printers to enable publishers to get the final product.


One stop solution to get authors

Innovative, unique, and one-stop-solution are the keywords that describe us. We identify the right people for companies and help them create products that add to their USP. Something that really makes the product stand out from others. It can be a style of art, an amazing approach to reach the audience, the basics of a concept, unique facts, and more...

For instance, if we need to create a chapter on the states and union territories of India, we would first brainstorm with the children as to why union territories exist in India and how their concept came into being. This is what creates a USP.


Creative Team

The team is what makes my visualization come true! We have a team of amazing people in different profile-sketchers, coloring artists, designers, authors, and editors. We are a small group of 10 right now. All members of my team have two things in common: dedication and integrity.


Latest trends and network

We follow a few tips to keep up with the trends. Keeping in touch with our clients, getting involved in the industry, studying statistics, and networking are a few of them.


Learn with fun

I have always been passionate about teaching and books. I want to create products which develop a love for education rather than fear. Though the Indian education industry is vast, something is still missing. As a young parent, I feel we should have books and educational products that make learning a joyous act. Being a service provider, I feel we can do it best.


What else do you have to offer your clients down the line?

We are coming up with project management solutions very soon. Whenever you are stuck, tell us... and we will help you get through!

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