Kumar Manish Mayank, Founder, Expert DigiPro

I'm Kumar Manish Mayank, founder of Expert DigiPro, and I'm an entrepreneur with expertise and experience specifically in career & business strategy. I've been working in the industry for the past 11 years, and I have extensive industry experience and knowledge of the field, including: digital marketing trainer, sales & marketing, career mentor, motivational speaker, and even having worked for NIIT. I have also been awarded as an India brand icon by Lara Dutta. I have also been ranked as the top career guidance provider in Delhi.

I am committed to helping students & businesses succeed by providing them with exceptional digital marketing training & services.


Expert DigiPro

Expert DigiPro is a leading provider of digital marketing training in Delhi Janakpuri for entrepreneurs, working professionals, corporations, housewives, students, and job seekers. Our company's digital marketing training course can help candidates earn the largest wage package, and business owners can get 10 times more sales.


About the leading experts

So, while working for NIIT, I kept wondering, "Why shouldn't I launch my own brand?" I was introduced to the concept of starting my own company. I had always seen myself as an entrepreneur since I liked problem solving and was always looking for innovative ways to do things. It was a watershed event in my life when I launched my business, Expert DigiPro. DigiPro's expertise is available to all candidates. Expert DigiPro stands out as a digital marketing expert.


Professional training courses at Expert DigiPro

Expert DigiPro provides professional training that is in high demand and highly respected in the modern world. Expert DigiPro offers courses in digital marketing, digital analysis, website design, graphic design, Google Workspace, and video editing.


Introducing the best training provider

Our institute differs from our competitors in that we feel that the best way to learn is through hands-on experience. The more time students spend with their teachers, the better they will understand what they are learning and how it relates to their particular field of study. With a professional digital marketing program, our institute focuses on students' career development. Our training center provides a placement guarantee. Expert DigiPro is also distinct from the competition in that it offers a wage increase of more than 50% as well as the ability to work from home. Make students work on real-world projects and case studies to improve their analytical thinking abilities.

Our institute has a very professional work culture in which founders, directors, and many entrepreneurs work and with whom students can interact. Expert DigiPro includes over 60 topic modules and 100% practical training content.

We also believe that our students should be able to converse freely among themselves without fear of judgement or criticism. We want our students to feel comfortable asking questions and discussing ideas openly so that they may form their own opinions and make their own judgements as they advance in their professions.


Expert DigiPro training resources

Training factors a company should consider include deciding what you want to achieve, identifying the knowledge, skills, and abilities needed to meet the objectives, understanding students' needs, and evaluating current training resources.

Expert DigiPro knows students' needs and facilitates the training process. For better understanding, implement the entire new training approach. We ensure that our trainers are up-to-date on all aspects of digital marketing.


Opportunities and role of digital field

When I was working in a corporate job, I always wanted to start my own brand so that I could work whenever and wherever I wanted. Then I took that first step towards my dream, and now I'm an entrepreneur working for my brand to make it reach its highest potential. I believe that most of us want to be our own boss, and if I can own a brand, then you can too. So, as my brand's tagline says, "Think digital." "Learn digital." We are all aware that the majority of people are now going digital. And I do feel that there is a need for digital education in all the sectors or communities of people out there.

After ten years, there is no doubt that our educational system will undergo significant changes. Only around 5 percent of the workforce in the age group of 19–24 received vocational education in India. And there is a great demand for technical education across all age groups, as everyone is becoming digitally savvy. If we examine the education system of 2023, we will notice that schools will rely on computers and paper far less. In my opinion, the world will need more digital educational resources by 2023. It will create new research avenues and learning opportunities. Students will be able to manage their projects and responsibilities with ease if they receive a digital or technical education.

Implementing an international curriculum in the Indian educational system will benefit students. Increasing online quizzes, collaborative projects, and group discussions will totally alter examination patterns.

In conclusion, I think that the future of our country will depend on how well we teach for the future, making sure that students not only learn but also know how to provide high-quality educational opportunities.

As a result, my goal is to reduce the number of job seekers and increase the number of job holders.

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