Sanchit Kundra : Founder of Careself Services Pvt. Ltd. (Fresh Feet)


Myself, Sanchit Kundra, with experience of more than 21 years in footwear Manufacturing and Exporting, headed Kundra International till 2021.

We started production in 2002 with 36 pairs and increased production to 1800 pairs per day, working with leading footwear brands around the globe. I love to do new things and touch new heights with passion and aspiration, and nothing is impossible in my dictionary until we are determined to do that.
I enjoy traveling, dancing, adventuring, and listening to music.

My goal is to be a global Icon in the footwear industry and take my country to new heights in the footwear sector.


Careself Services Pvt. Ltd. And Fresh Feet


My company, Careself Services Pvt. Ltd., came into existence in 2021 and launched the first kids' and ladies' footwear brand, Fresh Feet, last year with unique UPS across its categories for the first time in India. We hardly have any kids' and ladies' footwear brands in India with products meeting international standards. Our shoes are made with an extra-comfortable concept in mind, as we care for the feet and fuse the latest fashion in a way that has brought us into comparison with top international brands.


Vegan and sustainable footwears


Our kids and ladies footwear, as said, contains various USPs, so here are details below.


  1. Fresh Feet (grow freely): Our kids closed shoes come with Dual Size Technology, which is already under patentship with IP. Here we provide 2 sizes in 1 shoe, so we say our shoe grows with kids feet from half to 1 size depending on the styles. So, for example, a shoe that can be worn for 8 months can be worn for 12 to 16 months.Aside from this, our shoes are antibacterial and antiskid.
  2. Fresh Feet Natural's: Our ladies and kids sandals are made with Yoga Matt which is both environment friendly and light weight, then jute and fabric is used which are also environment friendly. That is why we call this Fresh Feet Natural's as we are introducing such things for the first time and want to protect them from copyright and design registration.
  3. Fresh Feet Vegan: Here we have ladies and kids shoes with non-leather and man-made materials. Our ladies shoe uppers are handmade by artisans from across the country and made of Crosia, which can cost up to Rs. 1 lakh for a pair of shoes. However, we want to make it affordable for most of our girls and provide employment to the maximum extent we can. So, we keep our prices low and protect this with copyright ©️ and design registration to prevent it from being copied.


Dual fit technology and yoga mat sandals


We have launched 2 categories, and both have been successful so far. Our dual fit technology is bought by many online customers in school shoes, and till now we have not had any issues from customers in the last 5 months, and our ladies yoga mat sandals have been introduced to many offline stores in India in 1 meeting because of their uniqueness, quality, comfort, etc.

Soon, we are coming with our kids vegan fashion collection and ladies Crosia, which will again be unique in itself, and all these 4 will be like 4 aces in a deck of cards. It will be difficult for anyone to match us in kids and ladies products in our categories.


Grow Freely with Fresh Feet School Shoes


Why Fresh Feet School Shoes? There is not 1 reason that shows we are better than others, but there are multiple reasons why this is better than any other school shoe in India.


  • Dual Size Technology: As kids feet grow quickly, we kept in mind before designing that if we could increase the wearable life of the shoe, it would be a blessing. Finally, we were successful in this technology and applied for a patent in India; we are now expanding globally. We give 2 sizes in 1 shoe, and our shoe grows with kids feet from half to 1 size. So kids can utilize the shoe to the maximum, and this makes our shoe sustainable.
  • Breathable: Our shoe is made with a leather upper and textile inside so that it's comfortable and breathable. A child wears school shoes for the maximum time of the day, and when he returns, he has 2 very prominent problems: the shoes sometimes stink, and his feet are white due to sweat that doesn't get out of them. Both materials used in shoes are breathable, it keeps shoes airy, and we say our shoe breath and leather are sourced from LWG-rated tanneries, which state that no harmful chemicals are used in tanning the leather; this is the by-product, and no animal is harmed for our leather.
  • Anti-Bacterial: We make our shoes anti-bacterial with the use of one product manufactured by Micro Fresh from the UK that is already Reach compliant, which again states the safety of the product, and this makes our shoes odourless for a few months by preventing bacterial growth, which reduces sticking of the feet and keeps feet fresh longer.
  • Extra protection: It is made of leather, and soon we will be adding rubber toes, this provides extra protection compared to any sport or PU shoes.
  • Comfortable: We are equally or more comfortable than any Sport or Synthetic shoe in this category, as we provide 2 layers of cushioning that give extra comfort to feet, which kids need.
  • Made in India & Elegant: This should be the first one, but I said it at the end because, firstly, I wanted to say and show the uniqueness of the product and why we are superior to any other brand in kids school shoes. We are now proudly made in India and outperform any top global brand in our category. And our standards are among the best that can be compared with any international standards. And on the other hand, our school shoes are formal too, they are not sport shoes. When we send our children to school, we want them to be elegant and have values. That's why we have a system, a uniform, and a dress code, but why sport shoes on formal dress? Child is casual for the rest of the day at home, so when we say we want a formal and elegant look that only formal shoes can complete, and now that Fresh Feet has added extra comfort, shouldn't we prefer them over others?


Fashinonable and Washable Shoes


Fresh Feet Vegan: Fresh Feet has a lot more vegan products and also promotes man-made materials and work done by artisans in villages to provide them work and raise their living standards.

We have vegan products in kids and ladies both the categories. Where kids vegan products are made, keeping in mind the latest fashion and comfort parallels Ladies products are made with uniqueness and fashion in mind.

Our Ladies Crosia shoes are also machine washable and already protected by copyright and design registration, making them uncopyable.


Fresh Feet Buy 1 Help 1 Save Mum


This is a CSR campaign we are launching this month where anyone who buys our shoe online can return their old shoe to us, and we will get it couriered to our factory, where unskilled workers will be refinishing the shoe and repacking it. And there, we will be adding new insocks with Spreading Smiles through Fresh Feet printing, as well as donating to the needy through NGO's, so that eventually and steadily, everyone will be able to have shoes. We will also be running this campaign in schools so that their shoes are not wasted and can be helpful for others. With this, we are not only helping our society but also saving our Mother Earth, which is our foremost duty for our children, and they can learn a lesson about how good it is to help others. We can save millions of tonnes of waste like this, where used shoes go in bins or land fills and take years to decompose.

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