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ApurvDhumal, Founder & Managing Director, Synovatic Technologies

At Synovatic Technologies, we are striving to make ourselves a giant in sports technology. We have currently three products under our aegis, which are Football Express, Crickdom, and Six Sports. We are based in both Pune and Latur, where we have our corporate and registered offices, respectively. Over the course of four years, we have been able to grow well, thanks to the constant love and support of our fans and readers. Our fans and readers have been very passionate about sports, just like us, and we are constantly striving to do our very best for them.

Football Express, Six Sports, and Crickdom for sports updates

We have three products under our aegis. All three are currently catering to the different tastes of our fans. Let’s describe these products to you one by one.

Football Express: The sport of football has gained immense importance in India like never before. Fans have their favorite teams and clubs and support them wholeheartedly. Seeing such love among the fans for this sport, we have launched a website known as Football Express. This website has been functional since 2020. We have a dedicated team of football writers who work around the clock to bring our fans the latest news on and off the football field. Additionally, we are covering all the major tournaments like La Liga, Bundesliga, Serie A, Premier League, FIFA World Cup, etc. Through this website, our football fans are never out-of-touch with the latest happenings.

Six Sports: The second product that we have is Six Sports. This is a website covering all varieties of sports such as cricket, football, F1, Olympics, etc. We believe that the world of sports is ever-changing. That’s why we must be updated in all aspects and spheres of sports. Therefore, we have created a website called Six Sports that caters to the needs of varied fans all over India. We have decided to cover as many sports as possible on this website. Here also, we have writers who are well equipped to write about different sports. They bring our readers and fans something new every day and keep them updated on the sports of their liking. Six Sports has now been functioning since 2021 and has gained immense popularity among our readers and fans.

Crickdom: Lastly, Crickdom is the third and latest product that we have created. The sport of cricket has gained wide popularity not just in India, but around the world. Fans throng to the stadiums to watch their favorite cricket stars take to the field and give them loads of entertainment. With this goal and aim in mind, we have launched Crickdom which is purely a website for cricket lovers. It has now been functional since 2022. Here, we bring our fans and readers the latest news, cricket previews, and much more. Through this website, we are covering both men’s and women’s cricket tournaments because we believe both are important. Our team of cricket writers writes on varied news items about cricket that our fans and readers love. We are covering tournaments like the IPL, WPL, men’s and women’s ODI and T20 World Cups, domestic cricket tournaments, international franchise cricket, and much more.


Latest sports stories & previews - Football Express, Six Sports, and Crickdom

Through these three products, we are trying to change people's perspectives on how they see and feel about the game. Our news stories, match previews, and other areas are top-notch and of the best quality. We are striving to create an environment where we and our fans and readers are on equal footing with each other and are never left behind. All three of these products cater to the tastes of our fans and readers every day by bringing them the latest information. And we will continue on this path for years to come and will constantly strive to be the very best versions of ourselves, day in and day out.


Sports writing jobs & internships

We are currently posting our openings on Internshala for all three of our websites. Applicants can search for them on this website and send in their resumes to us. We then give them some sample articles to write, and if we find that they have the requisite knowledge and skills, we hire them immediately for the internship. On the other hand, when an intern finishes his/her internship period with us and wants to continue, or we feel that the intern is doing well, then he/she is immediately appointed to a full-time role in any of our three products. So, if anyone is interested and passionate about writing for sports, then they can definitely send their resumes to us via Internshala or by emailing us on any of our product email ids. We will be happy to have you on board with us and hope that we have a long association in the years ahead. Also, many of our interns have gotten great opportunities at other sports websites after working with us, and we are proud of their achievements as well.


Synovatic Technologies – The domain of sports updates

In the next five years, we are aiming to become a global presence throughout the world with our three products. Synovatic Technologies and its subsidiaries are working together as a team to ensure that we scale global heights and gain even more fans and readers in the next five years. Our aim and mission, along with our goals, will surely help us reach our destination in a determined way.


Fitting sportsman spirit

Managing our parent company and its three subsidiaries can be a bit challenging at times. We might not have gotten very far at the moment, but we don’t let that challenge defeat us at any moment. We are constantly trying to provide our readers and fans with all the latest news updates on the world of sports. That’s why we are pretty sure that we can overcome all the impending challenges that come our way.



Note for emerging sports companies

For all the new sports companies that have just taken their first steps towards making their own name in this field, we just want to say that it can be quite intimidating at first, but keep striving and you will surely get there. Additionally, we would like to convey the message that when you are starting out, start covering one to two sports, and as you gain success, only add new sports to your repertoire.

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