Professor (Dr.) Chaitanya Niphadkar

Hello everyone, I am Professor Chaitanya Niphadkar, Founder and Managing Director of the SUNKING INSTITUTE OF MANAGEMENT.

My profile is a blend of academic and professional roles. With more than two decades of work experience, I have handled various leadership positions and performed in several sectors, but amongst all, the major share goes to the education sector. I was born and brought up in the commercial capital of India (i.e. Mumbai) and completed my schooling and graduation along with an MBA in the city of dreams. Served for less than a decade in Mumbai, thereby I moved to England for the second Master’s degree involving research and continued my research by taking up a Doctorate.

Today, I possess two master's degrees, two doctorates and a wide range of certifications within the education and technology domains. My writings are published in international journals and magazines from time to time. Some of my book titles are Building Organisational Leadership, The Righteous Path, Change Management, and Compendious Learning and Development. Besides, I am a member of the online academic community at Harvard Business School in Boston (USA) and an alumnus of Lancaster University (UK). My expertise and research interests are primarily in leadership and Business management, with an emphasis on human resources, organisational development, change management, international business, organisational restructuring, learning and development, sustainable development, and management consulting. In my leisure time, I keep learning and evolving, and these days I am trying to understand chat GPT and AI.

Sunking Institute of Management (SIM)

The SUNKING INSTITUTE OF MANAGEMENT is a fast growing EdTech company dedicated to offering quality education. SIM provides a flexible learning environment and allows learners to study at their own pace. All the courses are designed with a curriculum that is experiential and apt for the future of business. Performers at SIM are driven by a vision and mission and built in core values, all of which have put us at the forefront, and today I can proudly say that we qualify for international standards predominantly in the education sector. SIM provides training to corporates and attempts to leverage your team and organisational performance.

Some of the popular trainings from SIM are Leadership development, Business Strategy, Change Management, Time management, Effective people management, Team building, High Performance teams, managing teams with EI (Emotional intelligence), Communication Skills, Presentation Skills, Stress management, Work-life balance, The power of negotiation, The power of decision making, Conflict resolution, Performance improvement, and sustainable business with environmental leadership.

SIM also helps your organization in these areas by tracing the Organizational Development interventions, Learning and Development opportunities, training, and Development - Offering bespoke programs to meet your requirements, Human Resources - HR Consulting, Recruitment and Employee engagement, Management Consulting or Business Consulting Furthermore, SIM offers research assistance to doctoral scholars, and this includes activities like Doctoral Research Assistance i.e. developing your Research Proposal and offering one-on-one attention on implementing your supervisor's instructions. Guidance on publishing the thesis, which means support for publishing the research work in international journals and writing it in the form of a book, etc. SIM supports work-life balance and believes in gender neutrality. The SIM culture holds no biases but rather values time, employees, learners, and internal and external customers equally.

Work experience – Professor (Dr.) Chaitanya Niphadkar

My profile is a mix of academic and professional roles, and if we count my very first job as an IT instructor, my total work experience happens to be around twenty-five years. I have travelled to several countries for the purpose of teaching, training, consulting, and researching, but the maximum time spent was in the United Kingdom, especially London. Additionally, since 2019, I have been a member of the online academic community at Harvard Business School, Boston (USA). I have authored many books, and my writings are regularly published in international journals and magazines as per the relevance of the topic. Having performed in several parts of the globe, I am not just a professional but a qualified and experienced academician too. For more than a decade, I have performed multiple roles that include teaching and research supervision, along with a few leadership responsibilities and directorships. Let me put it this way, I am an author, a professor, and a director.

Sunking Institute of Management is affiliated with the swiss school of business research

SUNKING INSTITUTE OF MANAGEMENT (SIM) is an international organization affiliated with the Swiss School of Business Research (SSBR), located in Zurich, Switzerland. The SIM-SSBR academic partnership offers short term certificate courses that range from three to six months to full-fledged degrees, including the BBA, MBA, DBA, and PhD. SIM allows learners to study at their own pace by providing a flexible learning environment. SIM-SSBR partnership offers a three-year BBA program and a one-year MBA that are fully compatible with the established European and American educational systems. This MBA program is offered in various specializations (including Sports Management, Logistics Management, Tourism and Hospitality Management) while our PhD and DBA can be pursued in any one of the specializations that falls within the scope of Business and Management. The SIM-SSBR also offers a one-year PhD which we call the ‘PhD by Portfolio’. With all this in place, learners are able to pursue their studies using the online platform without disturbing their personal schedules or professional commitments and upon course completion, gain an internationally accredited Swiss degree.

Benefits of learning at SIM

First and foremost, SIM provides an inclusive and accessible learning environment and the flexible learning option to study at your own pace. Secondly, our course fees are affordable and if required, learners may avail themselves of the flexible option to pay in instalments. Thirdly, we have designed a curriculum that is not just theoretical but experiential and apt for today's world of business. SIM is an international organization affiliated with the Swiss School of Business Research, SSBR (Switzerland). So, upon successful completion of the course, learners get an internationally accredited Swiss degree. This allows learners to understand the global view and be ready to perform in the business world from a starting point. Finally, to add to that, SIM has a dedicated student support team to make learning easy and enjoyable.

Flexible learning at SIM with international standards

Each one of us wants to be successful. Education to a certain extent makes this possible but not everyone has the privilege to do so. Few are blessed enough to be able to pay their fees. However, they have no time or flair to study. Many of us think about registering for a course or wanting to achieve a degree, but very few are able to execute their plans. Lack of money, professional commitments, family responsibilities, etc. keep us occupied, and sometimes our plans stay in our minds and are never put into action. All this happening around me motivated me to come up with the SUNKING INSTITUTE OF MANAGEMENT.

SIM was founded to make higher education easily available for all and encourage research across borders. Those who desire to get an education but have never had the chance to do so should consider SIM. SIM provides a flexible learning option. For all the learners, it offers an inclusive and accessible learning environment to study at their own pace. Above all, SIM offers quality education that allows learners to upgrade their skills and eventually get internationally qualified with a Swiss degree. 

Educational background Professor (Dr.) Chaitanya Niphadkar

Today, I am a member of the online academic community at Harvard Business School, Boston (USA) and an alumnus of Lancaster University (UK). However, I was born and brought up in Mumbai (formerly Bombay). My schooling happened in a convent English medium and I graduated in Political Science from University of Mumbai. In regard to my formal education, today I am blessed with two doctoral degrees, two master degrees and a wide range of certifications within the education and technology domain.

I have achieved one doctoral degree with full-time research whilst I have been conferred with an Honorary Doctorate along with a medal by EDU, Delaware (USA) for my contribution to the education sector specializing in International Business and Leadership. Also, I have independently authored many books and solely hold the copyright for their content. My research papers and publications are available on Google and Amazon. My writings are published from time to time in several international journals and magazines.

Besides, it has been more than ten years since I became a member of the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD) and the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM).


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