Dr RaghaviBhujang -  Professor, MS Ramaiah Institute of Management

I am a dedicated teaching professor who endeavors to guide students through the abundance of knowledge they possess, helping them understand the practical implications of their learning in the corporate world. By presenting real-life scenarios, I aim to raise awareness of what awaits them in the professional sphere. The goal is to shape their minds and abilities, directing them towards achieving success and happiness in today's fast-paced, fiercely competitive world.


Professionally, I hold a Doctorate in Computer Science and possess over 25 years of extensive experience encompassing both academia and the IT industry. Throughout my career, I have assumed diverse roles at esteemed organizations like Wipro, IBM, Netsoft Microsystems, and multiple startups. My expertise extends to leadership in teaching and mentoring, strategic administrative planning, efficient Program and Project Management, as well as driving innovations and technological advancements.


I am currently working in the teaching field, driven by a profound passion for research. I have authored numerous articles focusing on my research area, which have been presented at esteemed international conferences and published in reputable journals. My dedication to innovation has also led to the successful publication of several patents, encompassing both Indian and Singaporean intellectual properties. Moreover, I have actively contributed as a Research Reviewer for reputable journals such as the Scientific World Journal while also facilitating the patenting process for various innovative ideas and technologies. My passion for excellence in both academic and industrial domains has been the driving force behind my successful career journey.

Could you tell us about your educational background?

I hold a Doctorate in Computer Science, and I have pursued post-graduation with a Master of Computer Applications and graduation with a Bachelor of Science, focusing on Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics as core subjects.


Since my childhood, I have had an enduring fascination with Mathematics and Physics, which has shaped my academic journey. In fact, my professors affectionately referred to me as 'Junior Shakunthala Devi' during my childhood days due to my exceptional aptitude in these subjects.


In addition to my academic accomplishments, I have pursued various certifications throughout my career, aligning them with the projects I have worked on and the subjects I have taught. These certifications have been instrumental in augmenting my expertise and enhancing my contributions to the professional arena.

Career achievements from Best Researcher to the Real Super Woman

My strong interest in mathematics has helped me excel in software testing and project management at renowned IT companies like IBM. I received recognition as the 'Best Test Case Producer' and 'Best Reviewer of Functional Test Cases' for my meticulous approach to testing processes.


I have played a vital role in understanding project requirements and collaborating with teams to create detailed plans and schedules. My problem-solving style involves thinking creatively, seeking results, and adapting to changing circumstances.


I am skilled in crafting both short and long-term strategies, budgets, and resource plans aligned with future projections. My commitment to growth led me to pursue certifications in Six Sigma, Project Management, Agile practises, and Product Management.


I take pride in my innovative contributions, which resulted in 13 published patents, some of which received grants. These achievements earned me prestigious awards, including the 'Best Researcher' award from the ESN IND-SL International Awards in 2020 and 'The Real Super Woman Award' from Forever Star India Group (FSIA) in the Inspiring Women category in 2021, recognising my outstanding contributions to the field.

Journey from a junior engineer to a passionate researcher

As previously mentioned, I have had the privilege of working in both the IT industry and academia.


In the IT industry, I have held various roles, starting my career as a Junior Software Engineer and progressing to the position of Technical Director. This journey has been a wonderful learning experience, providing me with insights into the workings of an organisation from different perspectives, ranging from being an employee to being part of top management.


In academia, I have contributed to various institutes in diverse capacities. These roles include teaching, mentoring, providing project guidance, handling administrative responsibilities within the institutions, and many more. Additionally, I have been actively involved in important decision-making processes, serving on Boards of Studies and Boards of Examination.

Furthermore, I have served as an external examiner for several institutes.


Moreover, I have had a fulfilling experience as a passionate researcher. Being an avid researcher, I had the privilege of being a member of esteemed platforms such as PMP, academia, and ResearchGate. Additionally, I actively served as a research reviewer for reputable journals like Springer and Web of Science, among others.

The best startup mentor to empower entrepreneurs

As a startup mentor, I serve as a trusted advisor and source of inspiration for early-stage entrepreneurs, supporting their entrepreneurial journey and contributing to the growth of the startup ecosystem.


My role involves guiding entrepreneurs through the initial stages of their journey, emphasising the importance of networking, personal development, and establishing meaningful connections. I help them make informed decisions about their products, aligning them with market demands and customer needs.


Additionally, I assist in understanding technical requirements and embracing digital transformation for improved operations and competitiveness. I provide meticulous support in preparing comprehensive business plans, including strategies, financial projections, and operational roadmaps.


Through my mentoring approach, I empower entrepreneurs with knowledge and tools for success, laying a strong foundation for their venture's growth and sustainability.

According to you, what are the most required skills for a student to become successful?

The fundamental characteristic that sets a student on the path to success is a genuine passion for learning. By being an ardent learner, one can cultivate critical thinking abilities, enabling a comprehensive understanding of complex concepts.


Moreover, the pursuit of knowledge naturally fosters information literacy and digital literacy, empowering students to access vast and reliable resources essential for acquiring subject knowledge.


In addition to these foundational skills, effective communication plays a pivotal role in articulating ideas and engaging with peers and instructors. Strong organisational skills facilitate the efficient management of academic responsibilities and personal commitments, fostering a well-balanced academic journey.


Cultivating good study habits and a resilient mindset equips students to navigate challenges and persevere through setbacks, promoting continuous growth and improvement.


Furthermore, networking and relationship-building skills enable students to expand their contacts and broaden their perspectives, facilitating the creation of a successful and productive roadmap for their future endeavours.


By embracing these essential skills and attributes, students lay the groundwork for academic excellence and personal growth, positioning themselves for a rewarding and fulfilling journey of learning and achievement.

A journey of spirituality through music

My interests in music, particularly Carnatic music, and spirituality (adhyathma) bring profound therapeutic qualities and healing effects to my mind and body. Engaging with Carnatic music provides a sense of calmness, relaxation, and emotional release, contributing to overall well-being. It resonates with me on an emotional and spiritual level, supporting my journey towards self-discovery and inner peace.


As a Carnatic music enthusiast, I actively teach and perform Dasa Sahitya songs, which hold deep spiritual significance. This practise has nurtured my spiritual growth, fostering a strong connection with the divine. Each Carnatic raga carries unique emotional and spiritual qualities, allowing for profound expressions of devotion and surrender to the divine.


The journey of adhyatma through music is not confined to professional musicians but welcomes anyone with sincerity and devotion. This spiritual path fosters self-discovery, inner transformation, and a profound sense of communion with the divine, as music serves as a universal language for spiritual awakening.

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