Pourushasp F Karkaria


Pourushasp F Karkaria, M.A, M.Ed, PhD, Head of School

I am a passionate educator by nature and an experienced principal by profession. My name is Dr.  Pourushasp Farokh Karkaria and currently, I head VIBGYOR High, Mumbai, which is a leading school that offers both Cambridge curriculum and ICSE curriculum. I have been associated as a principal with eminent educational institutions like D Y Patil International School(ICSE) Pune, along with heading the Cambridge and IB sections in the same school. I have served as a principal for Mainadevi Bajaj International School, Mumbai and beyond the national boundaries, I have added to my years of experience as an academician as a Coordinator and Head of the Department in the Sharjah British School and as the Head of School at Arab Unity School in the U.A.E. In all these 26 years of running and spearheading educational institutions, nationally and internationally, my philosophy of ‘Never Stop Learning’ has made my experience richer and rewarding.


Educational Background

I have completed M.A ,followed by M.Ed and a PhD.


Pourushasp F Karkaria, professional journey

My professional journey has been both inspiring and rewarding.

Teacher Experience: I started my career as a teacher. I gained valuable classroom experience, develop pedagogical skills, and build relationships with students, parents, and colleagues. Teaching experience provides a strong foundation for understanding the educational system and the needs of students.


Pourushasp F Karkaria – experienced educator

Leadership Roles: As teachers gain experience and demonstrate leadership qualities, they may take on additional responsibilities within the school. This could include roles such as department head, curriculum coordinator, or grade-level team leader. These positions allow educators to showcase their leadership abilities and make a positive impact on a larger scale.


Pourushasp F Karkaria, educational journey

Advanced Education: Pursuing advanced education, such as a master's degree or a doctorate in education or a related field, is often beneficial for aspiring principals like me. Advanced degrees provide a deeper understanding of educational theory, research, and leadership principles. They equip educators with the knowledge and skills necessary for leading a school.


Administrator duties

Administrative Roles: After gaining teaching experience and acquiring the necessary qualifications, I had transition into administrative roles within a school. This helped me to be involved and becoming an assistant principal where I had to take up the responsibilities such as managing school operations, supporting teachers, and collaborating with other administrators.


Pourushasp F Karkaria, Principal

Principalship Preparation: Many aspiring principals engage in specific principalship preparation programs or professional development opportunities. These programs provide training in school leadership, instructional leadership, school management, and relevant legal and ethical considerations. They equip educators with the competencies required to effectively lead a school. After accumulating the necessary experience, qualifications, and skills, educators may seek principal positions in schools. They go through a rigorous selection process, including interviews, assessments, and evaluations of their leadership capabilities. Once appointed, principals take on the full responsibility of leading the school, shaping its vision, and creating a positive learning environment. As a principal, the most inspiring and rewarding aspect of the journey is the opportunity to make a significant impact on students, teachers, and the broader school community. Principals create a positive and inclusive school culture, support teacher growth, enhance student achievement, and foster a safe and engaging learning environment. They celebrate the successes of their students and staff and work towards continuous improvement.


Pourushasp F Karkaria - educator

Continuous Professional Growth: Being a principal is a continuous learning journey. Principals engage in ongoing professional development, attend conferences, participate in workshops, and collaborate with other educational leaders. They stay updated on the latest research, best practices, and educational trends to ensure they provide the best possible leadership for their school.


Pourushasp F Karkaria, mentor & guide

Mentorship and Advocacy: Along the way, inspiring principals often become mentors and advocates for aspiring leaders. They support and guide other educators who aspire to take on leadership roles, sharing their experiences, knowledge, and insights. They advocate for educational policies and practices that benefit students and schools at a local, regional, or national level.


Success stories

Legacy and Retirement: After a fulfilling career as a principal, many educators leave a lasting legacy in the schools they have led. They retire with a sense of accomplishment, knowing they have positively influenced the lives of countless students and contributed to the growth and development of one self.

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