Dr. Rachanaa Datey

Dr.Rachanaa Datey, Founder Director, Quest Edustation


I am the Founder Director of Quest Edustation Training and Learning Solutions. An acclaimed Academician and Trainer. Empaneled as SMART with SEBI. A Certified soft skills trainer, Image consultant and Certified career coach. A Management and Commerce postgraduate, specialized in Finance and Marketing and has a Doctoral degree. I have had varied hands-on, bottom-up professional experience for over 24 years in the field, both in the Corporate and Academic Worlds. My exposure has been in both domestic and international professional environments. I have developed a number of training modules and workshops, as well as learning and study material that caters to the various needs of Industry and Educators and students. I am passionate about writing on various topics that are addressed to the Self-improvement of individuals, financial freedom, and spreading awareness for Ancient Indian Management Styles, which are regularly published in the best circulated newspapers.



Quest Edustation and it's services


Quest Edustation is a registered Training & Learning initiative catering to different individuals, from school students to working individuals. Various Training and Learning programs offered by QUEST EDUSTATION are tools to discover those hidden talents and identify some new skills. Quest Edustation is an outbound training provider and a learning portal. With the vision of helping students (school and college) and professionals refine and redefine their personalities and skills. Quest Edustation introduces them to the symphonic work culture through a variety of activities that extend learning beyond the classroom.



Vision of Quest Edustation


My exposure of 24 years, both in the Corporate and Academic fields, made me recognize the huge gap between the skilled workforce and our job-seeking youths. I thought, with my professional aptitude and experience, I could bridge this gap with my efforts to upgrade the youngsters. The task was difficult but not impossible (as it was a one woman army). My passion to upgrade the youngsters to become skilled, apart from their technical know-how, is an absolute inspiration. I left my full-time job and started preparing the short training modules on multiple topics. It may be appropriate to add that, in this journey, I completed my various certifications to help me enhance my venture. Quest Edustation is an attempt to achieve something difficult, which makes me unique. For me, it is an expedition to train and teach as well as learn in the process each day, thus to rediscover/discover excellence and contributing towards making society better.



Mission of Quest Edustation


My venture, Quest Edustation-Training & Learning Solutions, is an initiative focusing on Skill Development Programs for various categories, including schoolchildren, UG and PG students, job seekers, corporate employees, entrepreneurs, and working individuals, as well as career coaching for students from std. 8th onwards.


I believe the overall development of personality is possible only when an individual is exposed to various situations and efforts are made to overcome shyness, thus bringing out the sunny side of the personality. Through my venture, I advocate the importance of skill development, which leads to the paths of employability, recognition, and self-actualization.


With regard to industry and the job market scenario globally, there is an overpowering need for skilled individuals. Sincere efforts are made by me to introduce training and learning through a variety of innovative and creative programs, tools, and techniques that help in exploring the hidden talents of individuals.

Secondly, as a Financial Trainer for various esteemed organizations, I take it as my mission to financially educate society.


As far as future goals and aspirations are concerned, through my venture, I am sincerely dedicated to training, guiding, and coaching individuals from various walks of life who dare to follow their dreams and acquire excellence.



Honors and Awards


  • Proud to be featured in the esteemed magazine BTALKZ (Notable Women Personalities of India -2024), recognising my contribution towards education and training on International Women's Day, March 8, 2024.
  • Recently nominated for 50 under 50 FEMINA 2024. Featured in the magazine as Women Face of the Year 2023.
  • Honored with the “International Young Educationist and Motivator” award by the South Asia Management Association, Singapore.
  • Recipient of the Indian Achievers Award and honoured as “Woman of Excellence” in recognition of her outstanding Professional Achievement and Nation-Building.
  • Awarded the India Prime Top 50 Inspiring Women ICON Award 2022.
  • Honoured as a woman speaker by MININSTRY of FINANCE -Govt. of India, under Azadi ka Amrut Mahotsav (DIPAM).
  • Crowned as “International Saree Queen” for actively promoting handlooms and exclusive attire of India, thus helping the weavers.
  • Member of the editorial and advisory boards of international publications.
  • Recipient of multiple awards and titles nationally and internationally for excellence in education, training, and research.



Guest Speaker on Financial Literacy and Soft Skills Development


As a Guest Speaker and as a trainer in a number of webinars, workshops, and training programs,I have hands-on experience with various topics from different domains, like Financial Literacy, Financial Awareness, Soft skills, Personality Development, Corporate Communication, Career Guidance, Ancient Indian Management Style, Knowledge and Values. I have delivered lectures, training programs and workshops for prestigious platforms like the Indore Management Association, Vidarbha Management Association, Police Training Centre-Indore, various departments of Indore University, and Deen Dayal Upadhyay Kaushal Kendra-DAVV Indore, Nagpur University, Medicaps University, Lords University, Sage University, Manipal University, Dubai, UAE Roots Foundation, Power Grid Corporation of India Ltd. (a Navratna venture of the Govt. of India), Centre for Research and Industrial Staff Performance (CRISP), Government Engineering Colleges, Indian Medical Association-Indore Branch, Apollo Hospitals-Indore, MSME-Indore, Infosys Ltd.-Indore, Yash Technologies Ltd. Indore, just to name a few.



Secret of Time Management as aMultitasker - Academician, Researcher, Trainer, and Designer


I feel as I am blessed by almighty to be a multitasker. I define myself as a constant LEARNER (Learning is limitless). Added to this, what drives me is my passion to empower individuals. I love what I do, and I do what I love. Therefore, I never feel like I am working. The most significant aspect of my life is that I am blessed with family and friends who believe in me, and my husband Satish is a rock of support in nurturing my multiple roles. The strategies are quite simple – I am very punctual, organized, passionate, and focused. Schedule things in advance. I try not to mingle my professional and personal lives. This helps me stay grounded. One piece of advice I would like to share is that as we reach for the stars, we must remember that without managing our time and energy wisely, we risk feeling more dissatisfied as we spread ourselves too thin. Life is not a sprint, but a marathon. Take one step at a time with Confidence and Gratitude.


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