Dr. Sharath Kumar Jagannathan

Dr. Sharath Kumar Jagannathan, Assistant Professor, Saint Peter’s University


I'm Dr. Sharath Kumar Jagannathan, currently serving at the Data Science Institute, Frank J. Guarini School of Business, Saint Peter’s University, New Jersey. My work intersects academia and industry, focusing on artificial intelligence, machine learning, and data privacy.

Educational and Professional Journey


I embarked on my academic journey with a Bachelor of Engineering in Computer Science from the University of Madras, India, followed by a Master of Software Systems and Engineering from the University of Melbourne, Australia. I later pursued a Ph.D. in Computer Science at VIT Chennai, India, specializing in privacy preservation of data in social networked graphs. Professionally, I've evolved from an Associate Professor at Vellore Institute of Technology, India, to my current roles at Saint Peter's University, blending teaching, research, and administration.

Current Roles and Responsibilities


As an Assistant Professor in Data Science, I develop and teach graduate courses, conduct research, and mentor students. Additionally, as the Microsoft Coordinator, I manage Microsoft services, ensuring smooth operations for the university community.

Publications and Patents


My publications span articles in high-impact journals and book chapters on AI and machine learning. Notable works include studies on privacy preservation in social networks, machine learning applications in e-vehicles, and sentiment analysis on COVID-19. I also hold patents for innovations like an IoT-based steam inhalation machine for public health during COVID-19.



I've been recognized with awards such as the Outstanding Thesis & Dissertation Award and the Research Excellence Award at the International Conference on Advanced Optimization Techniques and Applications. My contributions to privacy preservation and data mining have earned me accolades from academic institutions and industry forums.

Skills and Certifications


My expertise includes AI, machine learning, big data technologies, programming in Java, Python, R, data analytics, and cloud computing. I am also skilled in research methodology, publication, grant writing, and student mentorship, underpinned by certifications in IBM Software, Google Developer Group workshops, and more.

Favourite and most Proud Professional Memory


A standout memory is leading a workshop on 'DATA WAR: Challenges & Solutions' at Saint Peter’s University. Sharing insights on data challenges and resolutions, and witnessing the enthusiastic engagement of participants, underscored the impact of my work on educating and inspiring the next generation of data scientists.


Another cherished memory that stands prominently in my professional career is the launch of the Open Educational Resources (OER) book on data visualization for graduate courses. The initiative was a significant undertaking, aiming to democratize access to quality educational materials in a field as dynamic and crucial as data science. The process of developing this resource was a collaborative effort that involved not just distilling complex concepts into accessible content, but also integrating practical tools and applications that students could apply in real-world scenarios.



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