Dr. S. Franklin John, M.B.A., M.S., M.Sc. (C.Sc.), M.Sc. (Psychology)., Ph.D., (Ph.D) (Psychology)

A go-getter with a niche to learn and teach, a faculty who is versatile with varied interests, ranging from Computers to Research and from NLP to Outbound Training and facilitating the experience of 25 Years. A practicing clinical psychologist who has a strong penchant for transforming lives. Applied NLP techniques in day-to-day life and saw the practical output of the technique in both personal and professional life. Design and deliver a course on Neuro Marketing to Management students. Personal coach for people who want to reach their max in their achievements. A Google Certified Data Analyst and life member of the Indian Society for Training and Development. Presently working as Professor and HoD in the Department of Management Studies, Dr.NGP Institute of Technology Coimbatore. 


Educational Journey

  • Pursuing Ph.D., in Psychology from Bharathiar University through Govt Arts College, Coimbatore
  • D., in Management September from Bharathiar University in 2005
  • Master of Science (M.Sc.,) in Computer Science from Bharathiar University in 2015
  • Master of Science (M.Sc.,) in Psychology from Tamilnadu Open University in 2012
  • Master of Studies (M.S.,) in Educational Management from Alagappa University in 2005
  • Master of Business Administration (M.B.A.) from Karunya Institute of Technology, Coimbatore in 2000.
  • Bachelor of Science (B.Sc., Computer Science) from Loyola College, Chennai in 1998.


Experience and Achievements

  • Practicing NLP and Counseling for the last 12yrs
  • Developed a CSR venture called Center of Excellence for Higher Education (COE), with a capital of Rs.20,00,000/-. Through this CSR activity, we have transformed around 4500 faculty members and 28000
  • An outbound training facility called NOBLE (Nehru Outbound for Leadership Excellence) was designed and created at a cost of 3Cr spread in 2Acres at Kaliapuram. Through this, we have trained 4200 professionals (CEOs, HR managers, Police personals) and 15000 students.
  • Published 95 articles in peer-reviewed international journals and presented 37 papers at international conferences.
  • Published 5 books in the various domains of management
  • Organized 6 Editions of the International Conference on Management, Engineering, Agriculture, and Sciences in India, Malaysia, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Australia, and Langkawi
  • Visited Countries like Australia, Malaysia, Philippines, Spain, Qatar – Doha, Thailand, Singapore, Sri Lanka, and Dubai. For training in different fields of soft skills for peak performance.
  • Successfully guided and completed 13 Phil. scholars and 20 Ph.D. Scholars.


Areas of Interests

  • Life Coach for peak performance achievement through NLP
  • Branding and Marketing of Higher Educational Institutions
  • Market Research & Analytics
  • Corporate Training
  • AI and influence in Retail Marketing
  • Brain and Advertisement
  • Influence of Psychology and Human Modeling


 Psychology as a Research Area

 One of the interesting branches of psychology looks at both the functions of the brain and the behaviors of the patient. This field is known as neuropsychology. It is the study of how the brain and nervous system affect human behavior. Neuropsychology does not focus on the physical structures of the nervous system, as can be seen with imaging technologies. Rather, it focuses on each part of the brain, as well as the various cognitive functions and where they take place. However, that is not to say that looking at physical structures is not useful to the field, as many researchers in neurological psychology do use imaging technologies to assess any physical trauma to neurological tissue.

A neuropsychologist has various duties that he or she must perform. They use their specialized knowledge and skills in assessing, diagnosing, and treating patients suffering from various kinds of psychological problems that have affected them in their daily lives, including neurological, neurodevelopmental, and psychiatric conditions. This has created a distinct interest in me to know more about the area and understand how this can be used in advertising and different promotional tools.  Being an academic, I wanted to know how this study can be used in effective teaching and learning models. 

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