The world is at a good practice of digitalization. In this digitalized stage, the most challenging thing is the protection of data and information. For which many think about cyber-security at first before entering into a cyber network. To overcome these drawbacks, many service providers came forward. Nowadays, providing service relating to cyber security is also a challenging thing because of race among a large number of service providers. From them, Kleen Security has proved it’s best to become the best.

How does Kleen Security exist in the cyber world?

Kleen Security is a leading and at the frontline in the race among different startups. Mr. Kachkad Narender is the founder and Chief Executive Officer of Kleen Security. The reason behind the establishment of the company is the will power of Mr. Narender in the field of cyber security. A number of experienced and workaholic professionals are giving their best to gain steady growth of the company. They provide several pieces of trainings as well as consulting solutions to service seekers. Kleen Security became a well known cyber organization because of its quality of technical services like certified training, consultancy, and security provided.

How does Kleen Security get public attachments?

Kleen Security is able to create its own cyber army, which can serve efficiently and can reach to service seekers. They are well experienced that they can train to cyber dreamt trainees. In the cyber world, women are one of the most affected categories to face cyber challenges like cyber bullying, blackmailing, etc... HACKORITA is an initiative, which creates awareness about cyber crime among women. It also says about the ways to protect themselves from cyber misleads. So, they are doing many webinars, public attachments to share their ideas about self responsiveness to protect them from cyber attacks. By these processes, they have already trained to more than 1000 women in the field of cyber attack.

Why Mr. Narender choose to start a career in this?

Mr. Narender has been a cyber aspirant since his intermediate. His will power to implement skills and knowledge about the cyber world made it easier to establish Kleen Security. After the intermediate, he opted to pursue Computer Science engineering, in cyber-security as specification. His skills and knowledge about cyber-security were enough to start a startup organization, i.e. Kleen Security. The reason behind opting for this is the growing market in the cyber-security area. Today’s situation indicates that cyber-war is not far away. Cyber-war can make many data and information conspiracy, which can make a negative effect on the networking world. To avail of cyber-security all over the world, every cyber expert should come forward.

What kind of services Kleen Security provides?

The most important experience in the technical field is the practice of practical knowledge. As we know, Kleen Security is a cyber security organization that provides security consulting as well as training in these fields. Trainees are getting trained by well-experienced professionals by applying security concerns with practical implementation. They are providing some academic training like Web Application Penetration Testing, Network Application Penetration Testing, and Pentester’s Python. As well as, Kleen Security provides world class services for a better outcome and the services are:

  •  Web Application Security: This is a central component of any web-based business. It helps in disabling the attack, from different locations, to interrupt the network system.
  •  Mobile Application Security: Mobile applications are the shortest route to get in touch with the network system. These are the riskiest interface to be targeted by hackers. So, mobile application security protects from these malware attacks.
  • Network Security: Network system is connected with several systems. By preventing any unauthorized action the whole connected system can be protected.
  • IoT Security: Internet of Things (IoT) is the best interrelated service to get complete work easily. But, also it is the best to implement by hackers to get the details of data and information. 
  • VAPT: Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing (VAPT) identifies and addresses cyber security exposures.

According to social needs, network usage is also increasing. Most of the people are facing problems due to the high needs. Cybercrime is also a threat to the networking world. It is better to get consult with an organization to combat the challenge. No need to worry about the threat of cyber attacks. Kleen Security is there to help you at every instant. So, feel free to get a consult now Kleen Security


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