Digital India scheme promotes to avail maximum services in digital format. Information Technology (IT) sector is the most growing sector for service provided. Most of the investments in the industrial field belong to the IT sector for some past years. India placed in the 2nd position in the world for the number of mobile phone users. But, as compared to other sectors, the cyber security sector is not that much enhanced.

The key feature of cyber security is to protect personal network systems, information, and data from data interruption and outer malicious sources. According to the UN telecommunication agency, India is in the 23rd position out of 165 nations, in the field of cyber security while Singapore is in the highest position.

But the major issue is cybercrime is increasing day by day. A successful cyber attack can develop an organization’s data conspiracy. Due to the increase of cybercrime, it is able to bring everyone’s attention towards the protection of mass as well as private information. Nowadays, people are well aware of cyber misleads. People can avoid risky attacks at any instant by using some reliable software as precautionary steps.

For better implementation of cyber-security at every unit of the industrial framework, courses related to the cyber world have been introduced to different educational systems. This strategy can make a base knowledge about cyber leads and misleads near human beings.
In today’s industrial market, cyber-security is the most focused service. Due to an increase in demand for this service, many companies come forward to foster the supply of network security along with other network services. The cyber-security market is growing rapidly in India as well as globally.
Cyber-security market in India is witnessing steady growth for many years. It is expected that investment in the cyber-security sector will grow to USD 3.05 billion by 2022 from USD 1.97 billion in 2019. So this growing market attracts many investors worldwide to invest in this market. It is helping the investors to remain in high profit.
Govt. of India has launched many cyber-security cells. Cyber and Information Security (C&IS) Division of GOI is dealing with matters related to cyber-security, cybercrime, National Information Security Policy & Guidelines (NISPG). As well, it creates a lot of open career opportunities for citizens having relevant skills.
In every IT organization, there is some secured place for cyber experts. This is because every organization needs to keep its data regarding services and products secured. This purpose is creating a golden opportunity for relevant skilled candidates in corporate sectors.
Today’s young generation comes forward with independent ideas, which make them independent to develop or work in this field. There are more than 200 startups related to cyber-security. Most of the startups took 6 to 7 years to mature their services among people and this is only because now people have fully understood the need for cyber-security in daily life.
There is a lot of software developed, which provides very reliable services to their clients. There are a lot of roles to establish a complete well security setup. So, as the market is growing, opportunities in this market are also growing. 

Govt. has set up some limits and provisions in the implementation of cyber activities, which doesn’t allow everyone to access to the cyber world without permission.
Due to increasing network users, network traffic occurs, which helps the hackers to escape from security agencies easily.
Big firms are able to manage the fund from different investors. But, startups don’t get sufficient fund to enlarge their services.
Every human being is not well aware of ways of cyber crimes or attacks, which make confuse to adopt cyber technologies.
Cyber attackers are able to encode and decode any page interface due to advanced technologies. By any duplicate interface, attackers can easily manipulate the user.

  So, like other things, the cyber world has also coincided with characteristics. Many use it for public welfare while some other uses it for public hardship. There are many cyber consulting agencies that can help you to find the right path in cyber world.

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