ABOUT TOAE Security Solutions
As a leading security and technology service provider, TOAE Security Solutions is recognized globally for providing digital solutions to cyber security threats. With a 5 years of working experience, TOAE assists organizations to fulfil their business ambitions with a guarantee of data safety. It also support the organisations with designing, building and running different cyber programs that protect their confidential information and enhance their functioning. 
The Research and Development team of TOAE continuously works on the new cyber security and cyber attacks growing all over the world. With over 500+ clients after one year of its implementation, TOAE has served customers of all different sizes. It is now working for leading government agencies as well. Providing secured services with the best technology practice and testing network infrastructure are the major functions of the organisation. The analysis team develops prototypes and pilots forefront capabilities to lead the business. 


With a team of highly technical engineers, TOAE focuses in helping organisations to protect their important assets from different cyber attacks. In this world of cyber threats, TOAE provides security solutions to its customers. The personnel aim at learning from their experiences of previous projects and enhance their knowledge. Concluding in one statement, TOAE is motivated enough to protect its customers from hackers and offenders, so that they never lose their data and always feel secured. 

TOAE Security Solutions believes in learning from their past experiences and gaining a thorough knowledge of their client's requirements so as to provide them suitable cyber security measures. The team is motivated enough with a vision to implement their expertise in securing their customer’s confidential information from cyber crime and to provide them a safe and secure cyberspace. 

Shubham Mishra, the Chief Executive Officer of TOAE Security Solutions, is the India's youngest cyber security expert and ethical hacker. With a 10 years of experience in the field Hacking and Cyber Security, he offers security measures to public, private and government bodies. At a very small age of 6 years, he was fortunate enough in cyberspace and security. He started TOAE to protect the people from malicious programmers in this generation of digitization. With an amazing knowledge of technologies, he is an inspiration for the company and is motivated enough to experiment with the new cyber threats in order to overcome them. As a true leader, he encourages his teammates to deliver their full potential and personally supervises every client’s problems. He was also associated with multiple organisations to provide cyber security solutions. Surely he is the driving force for his company. 

• WEB SECURITY: TOAE renders certified, customizable, SIEM prepared and fined tuned services and assists its customers with quick and personalized on-line experiences. It helps different companies to extend revenue opportunities, gain IT lightness and get recognized worldwide. Thus, TOAE provides protection in-depth with recognising threat protection, zero trust design services and protection from subtle cyber attacks. 
• SECURITY MONITORING: TOAE makes use of action based insights application while analysing the client’s network so as to discover and solve the potential security threat. 
• TOAE-CERT: TOAE-Cyber Emergency Response Team assists the customers who are already a victim of cyber attacks and helps them to recover from the threat. 
• NETWORK SECURITY ASSESSMENT: TOAE tests its customer's network infrastructure, including servers, routers and firewalls for vulnerabilities and misconfiguration. 
• RED TEAMING: TOAE inculcate red teaming strategy to improve its functioning. The professionals mix technology, human social skills and techniques to carry out their operations. 

With day to day rise in cyber threats, the whole team of TOAE Security Solutions works with a motive to learn from their past experiences and to develop themselves on a regular basis. 
They have designed several plans and strategies which they aim at implementing in the nearby future. 
• USER BEHAVIOR ANALYTICS – the system of defenders will inculcate User Behavior Analytics (UBA), a technology which will alert us as soon as the offender performs any sort of malicious behaviour after attacking a person's username and parole square measure.
• DATA LOSS PREVENTION – secret writing and tokenization will be inculcated in the organisation so as to protect the confidential information from the attackers in field and sub-field levels.
• DEEP LEARNING – deep learning technologies like artificial intelligence and machine learning, will be implemented to put a check on the anomalous behaviour in terms of security. 
• THE CLOUD - on-premises techniques will be transitioned to the cloud, virtualized security hardware, virtualized firewalls and virtualized intrusion detection and bar systems will also be adopted for the safety reasons. 

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