The world is envisioning a deep crisis due to the COVID19 pandemic. People aregoing through the worst phase of their term. No one had ever thought about this hazardous invisibility power. The ongoing pandemic has only estimated the loss of health as well as wealth. The root cause of the 2019 novel corona virus has seeded from Wuhan (China). This infectable virus has spread to more than 200 countries and has infected millions of lives within a short while. Every living body is suffering from the same disability, that they may be either a human beings or animals.

Impact of the Pandemic in several fields

>>> The economy is the second most affected field followed by the health of the beings. Almost every country’s economies are at their peak of worst.Countries as well as their economies also resorted to lockdown to shorten theinfection. These lockdowns, which meant for confining the people to be safe, are ceasing all the economic and business activities.International Monetary Fund (IMF) has expected that the global economy will be shrinking by over 3 percent by the end of yr 2020. This situation pushed the global economy into a recession which means, the growth of the economy stops or else may decline.India is witnessing its slowest GDP growth since 2004. India’s GDP growth forecast cut to 2.4 percent. RBI Governor has stated that India’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP) growth will be negative for the financial year 2020-21.

>>> Employment is also facing the declination in its field. Due to the less demand for products and services, industries are becoming certain to interrupt the workforces from their act. The unemployment rate in India has been spiked to 27.11 percent till the month of May due to the covid19 crisis. Due to displacement from jobs, fired employees get depressed, and they are goingthrough their hardest situation
>>> The whole world is active now on an online platform. Every system is trying its best to accomplish the basic needs. Education for all is the basic need in our society. Students are vastly affected during this toughest situation. Definitely online education is the best alternative to the classroom studies, but for the students of all financial categories, it is not possible. Students from financially backward classes and remote areas are the most sufferer of the online education system due to the lack of availability of gadgets and infrastructures.
>>> In industrial sectors, the most affected human beings are migrant workers.Either they are intentionally displaced from their work or they left their work field themselves, due to the fear of being infected. According to a report, 97 lakh migrant workers had transported to their homes. To flatten the curve of loss, many industries are doing these nuisances in the workforce.
>>> Depression is another factor that makes a man suffer. It occurs due to a steep rise in the degree of worry, fear. It is the internal war of a human with himself. Due to resorting lockdown everywhere, loneliness and depression arise in the human brain. It is not a big deal, but sometimes it leads to the final decision of life to take their own life.

Social distancing is the primary precaution to combat this virus. Different organizations are trying at their best to avail the vaccine near every corner of thebworld. The primitive role of doctors and policeman, in the war of human being with covid19, is the most important thing which the world needs. Everyone has to come forward to cooperate with the combating bodies so that we can come out of this situation. The public should adopt awareness among themselves about this virus, which is spreading rapidly and furiously.

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