1.Describe about your Business and founders

   The main concept behind the formation of Trimplin Group is to serve the academic and the innovation world through honesty and integrity. The major aim of our organization is to provide academic guidance, along with nurturing development, invention and designing across the globe.

2. What is the biggest challenge of being a CEO and how do you overcome it?

The biggest challenge of being a CEO is to compete with yesterday. The only concept of overcoming it is to remove the word “Impossible” from our lives.

3. Where do you see the company in the next five years and how will you bring about the change?

We aim to cover the globe and provide the best service in the field of academics, development and graphic designing. We are highly focussed to create employment among young talents so that establishment can be seen in reality instead of considering it as a myth.
The change will be targeted by undergoing the introduction of some other important wings such as training and certification programme, where we are already prospering in the field of internships in terms of live projects and corporate prospects. Trimplin is always under a learning process and we aim to collaborate in the upcoming years in the field of research and innovation of various segments with which the modern world is accustomed with.

4. Did you ever feel like giving up on being a CEO and what motivated you to pull this off?

Being a CEO is not the part of the job but it is the part of the life where an individual dreams to be at a high ambition during their college days just like a dream of being a cricketer or a tennis player. One can definitely quit a job but one can never come out of their hobbies. Suppose if you like to do gardening, and if some of your plants gets deteriorated in the growth process, will you stop gardening or will you put the correct manures to improve the quality? So likewise, we never felt like giving up the designation rather we tried to correct our mistakes so that we never undergo with the thought of giving up!
The main motivation is that if the hard work can result into this designation, let’s work more and make it "BIGGER than the term BIGGEST!"

5. Describe your biggest achievement.

Till now we don't consider anything as the biggest achievement as there are many to create yet. Still those fields we consider as our success-oriented wings, those are:

a) Even in this 21st century many women have to give up their careers due to motherhood and managing the households. So we created an opportunity for them where they could stay back in their homes and make their happy earning.

b) Many college students fail to bear their semester fees, so we have given them the opportunity to work and earn along with their studies.

c) We believe that age is just a number, and life does not stop after retirement. So any retired individual having love towards our domains are always welcome to start a new beginning at Trimplin.
So we feel, along with the start of these few successes, we are moving towards the horizon of our achievements.

6. From where you get the idea for business?

The idea of this concept of business came from the fact during our internship we found that balancing the internship's hectic schedule and the assignments together were quite challenging. We helped few of our friends and juniors to solve out their assignments at a very short duration which gave us the eagerness to learn more. After getting placed we found that the corporate world is little different from our zone of interest. So we shifted to this domain where every day it gives us the opportunity to help various young talents to build their dream careers

7. What was your aim to start the company?

During the time of our internship, we both have faced a challenging situation because at that time we have to do our college assignments along with the internship task. Though we belong to different background but the situation was entirely same. We helped few of our friends to complete their part at that time, then we got placed in MNCs and our journey began in the corporate sector. At this point of time few of our juniors tried to contact us and ask for help in making their Internship Project, they got good grades, then their juniors came next year, one of them got outstanding in his project and he paid us a small amount as a sense of respect, that was our first income in this field. To be very honest corporate sector was paying us but we were enjoying our life while doing these projects without a penny. One day when we were just talking over a call, randomly a discussion started like thousands of students travel across the globe to pursue their degrees from the top universities of the world, but due to high living cost, most of the student has to look for a side income to sustain in those countries. Due to this, their grades get affected, which is not good for their career. What if we support these youngsters to build their career, guide them in their projects and assignments!! Things started changing from then, we started helping students in their academics, after pursuing the degree, few came to us with their business idea, we developed their Website, Business App and Graphics Designing task. Today we can proudly say that Trimplin Group has successfully completed 200000+ assignment with 500+ happy students and clients in 15 different destinations across the Globe.

8. Tell us some of your failures

Failure defines us as the symbol of a new beginning, and without difficult times, the chapters of life can never be valued. The importance of good can only be understood if we have tasted the tough moments. To us nothing is a failure, because our every mistake or a fall down is a step of learning, the zeal to create better and come out of the of the created drought.

9. What is the role of your family in your successful career?

For every person, the support of the family is like a strength to achieve every impossibility. To us also, when many were with the notion that maybe we can't work as operational heads, our parents supported us through every lane and just made us believe by saying, " If you want to do it from your heart, go for it!". The support that we have got from our Parents, are definitely beyond every possible explanation that can be described through pen and paper. Most significantly, education is a major part of our work, and if they would not sacrifice their luxuries for giving us the best education, then our current field would never be the witness of our journey.

10. What is your message to the young generations and to their parents?

To every individual we would like to say that every single day make a habit to learn something new. Learning will give you the utmost confidence and by default you will be overloaded with unique ideas. Wherever you find any negative feedback or a critical question, go and find a solution for it, find out why it is a negative approach towards you, because that will gift you the strength of resolving every trouble.
For all the parents we would like to say, please don't force your child to stay away from their ideas, rather support them, show them the positivity of their thinking, so that they can have the faith that they are not alone and there is always their parents’ shadow to support their ideas.

"It takes many years to implement an idea and that one idea changes the Universe"

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