1. Describe about your Business and founders.

I am Bharath Mamidoju and I run an electric vehicle manufacturing unit at Hyderabad. I am supported by my family in the business. Adapt Motors Private Limited (my business), is a South India's pioneer Three-Wheeler & Two-Wheeler EV manufacturing company. Incorporated in 2015, the company has supplied to Govt. of Telangana, Govt. of AP, Indian Army, Indian Airforce and many other corporates like TCS, Diacel, Kamineni Group etc. Over the span of 5 years, we have supplied over 1000 three-wheeler electric and 400 two-wheeler electrics. Today the company has expanded its business overseas to Eastern Africa.

2.What is the biggest challenge of being a CEO and how do you overcome it?

The biggest challenge in being a CEO of start-up is the experience of handling various departments. I am a mechanical engineer and my competency is handling technical & production parts of the company, but the company does not just run on these two things but also on the human resources management, accounting as well as operation management. It becomes tough when these departments are not functioning as per your needs. I had help from my family and close acquaintance in these matters and was able to control the situation.

3. Where do you see the company in the next five years and how will you bring about the change?

In the road map of automotive industry, EV is the next phase and we have anticipated and prepared ourselves for the same. The Government of India and State Govt. have taken few initiatives for paving a smooth transition of ICE to EV in coming years. We are looking to build a strong base of channel partners, both in India and Overseas for ease of business.

4. Did you ever feel like giving up on being a CEO and what motivated you to pull this off?

No, it never occurred to me. My motivation is my family and the team I work with. I am responsible for both and I have to ensure both are safeguarded. Our vision of starting the business was to create opportunity as well as give the society a product that will protect the society in longer terms. And this vision never allowed me to think over-wise.

5. Describe your biggest achievement.

Today, we have expanded our business to overseas. This is a memorable achievement. Because we were able to achieve this at the time when most of the businesses were struggling to survive. We expanded our wings when the world was in lock-down.

6.From where you get the idea for business?

Automotive has been my passion - cars, jeeps, bikes. I pursued my graduation in Mechanical Engineering and later studied my post-graduation in Rural Development. I was prone towards greener society from the very beginning and when I talked about my vision with my family, they unconditionally supported me to establish the firm.

7.What was your aim to start the company?

The aim was to develop products that will support the society. We started with commercial vehicle, as commercial vehicles are used by BPL (Below Poverty Line) segment for daily earning and traders to supply the local transits. These people try hard to save penny by penny as there isn't much margins and profits. They were needed a vehicle with less initial investment and low running cost. And the solution for this was Electric Three-Wheeler. Moreover, with no noise and air pollution, it keeps the locality clean too.

8.Tell us some of your failures

Failures are part and parcel of building a business. I had faced many of them. Being a practical person, I never approached investors decks for funding initially. We had few opportunities to supply the vehicles to particular PSUs but we were not able to cater the same due to shortage of material. Now, we have some good partners who support us for such projects.

9.What is the role of your family in your successful career?

My family and my team are everything in building this company, without either of them, I would not be able to imagine of such a journey. They supported, participated and strained in every brick that built this business.

10.What is your message to the young generations and to their parents?

I would say young generations to be practical and learn as much as they can about their passion. Perceive their passion and understand that business will run only if there are commercials, so be prepare for that edge of sword too. To the parents, I would simply say support the children in their passion, help them to get the knowledge about their passion and career. Participate in your children’s dream rather than imposing your dream into them.


  1. Nice one. All the best

  2. Commendable Bharath .I Have seen you growing and wish you more success in future.


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