1. Describe about your Business

Nandana Ventures Software Pvt Ltd is a software consulting & development company based in Bangalore, India. We specialize IT delivering solutions and products in Business Process Automation, Customized Application Development and Web based Applications, with success of delivering a high standard of services to many different organisations for the years. We offer highly cost effective and optimized solutions that facilitate our clients to achieve their business outcomes with speed and convenience.
Our team has a solid and proven track record, delivering high quality and timely services, adding business value through technology implementation at a professional level. Focusing our activities toward developing complex software products, Nanadna Ventures Software Pvt Ltd provides consistent results in emerging fields such as mobile and web-based custom business applications, e-commerce, e-payment, e-security, e-health and enterprise & resource planning, entertainment and gaming industry.
Co-Founders: Nanda Kumar Rajan, I did my Masters of Human Resources (MBA) from Karnataka University. Observed, Intellectual genius are struggling in the Market, to find best technology partners for Emerging Technology Trends, which made me to stand in front to drive the Technology show.
Sayed Wasim Ankolekar, I did my Masters of Computer Application from KLS University Haliyat. I am from Uttar Kannada, Dandeli. I Chose to be an entrepreneur because of my passion for the technology.

2. What is the biggest challenge of being a CEO and how do you overcome it?

At this moment, the prior role is to see this business successful in the market and place firmly as a trusted and granted service for client. Being a Founder, yes, I face many challenges to carry out the system process regarding exactly what kind of work our clients would prefer and expect from us. Our vision is that everyone should have digital identity hosted on NandanaVentures which they will use to get seamless experience. This is a huge challenge and my endeavour along-with my co-founders is, to lay down a solid foundation for the same, in terms of technology, business processes, team building and strategies, are series of ways of using the mission to achieve the vision.

3. Where do you see the company in 5 years and how will you bring about the change?

It’s too early to answer but still I would like to say in 5 years from now, “NandanaVentures” will be a well-known brand and occupy the clients worldwide with our services & we are in the process to see our business at the top notch who will leave it’s footprint in Software industry. The Organization will become the flag bearer for Software Industry driven access management and will hopefully be leading the movement towards digital identity- based access ecosystem in its chosen geographies.

4. Did you ever feel like giving up on being a CEO and what motivated you to pull this off?

The thought of ‘Giving up” as a CEO, never crossed my mind. I believe, being a responsible person, success is not about “one day story” to perform. Another example is, the head of the family sometimes will fail to satisfy his dependants, but definitely over a period of time, he will be successful in providing the things they expected for.This is how as a CEO, whatever stops you, you know for sure that as a Team we can always achieve it. I myself am enjoying truly being a CEO and every experience that crosses me. A CEO’s role acquires greater significance once a company becomes large. I don’t have to look for motivation. I’m enjoying every moment and living every dream of it.

5. Describe your biggest achievement

Achievement will not stop after one or two things we discuss; Achievement has to be made in every field. Isn’t it an achievement to be a CEO?? It’s too early now to talk about achievements. NandanaVentures is a work-in-progress. We are doing many more things right now in terms of our Latest Technology focus and execution. Moreover, we have a pretty long way to go to realize our dream of creating an access ecosystem based on digital identity and authorization.

6. From where you get the idea for business?

I am from the same background i.e. software industry and my co-founders are from pure technical background who have deep knowledge and experience about technology. A New idea stroke to our mind when we observed Intellectual genius struggling in the Market finding for best technology partners to emerge Technology Trends in the market. I observed, many clients were focused on quality product, and I was capable of providing such. And most of the clients were appreciating the way of work delivered. Present access ecosystem is so heavily dependent on physical identity and legacy technologies and we need a paradigm shift.

7. What was your aim behind starting NandanaVentures?

NandanaVentures was born out of great vision of Emerging Technology Trends in the market. Our endeavour is to delight the users by ensuring security and convenience to create value for customers in terms of technology.

8. Tell us some of your failures?

Oh, everyone will face many failures in their life. Talking about example, at the beginning stage we struggled a lot with creating our own Software Technologies. e.g., lot of companies in present market, by spending billions, created the bench mark of developing Apps Emerging Technology, which already exists in the market. Another mistake was reposing great faith on the channels in the beginning of our Business Development journey. A channel cannot build the business for you, it can only give ride to the brand once you created it.

9. What is the role of your family in your successful career?

“Successful Career” has strong unidimensional atmosphere. I am more interested in depth of experience. I’ve had a universal career, which would not have been possible without the amazing support that I have received from my family, especially from mother and sister. My Mother and sister always supported me to chase my dreams and did not burden me with expectations that normal middle-class Mother end up doing so often.

10. What is your message to the young generation and to their parents?

To entrepreneurs, I would say, “hey guys, what we are doing is noble. We are the worthy leaders that the society and the country really need. We will face many challenges. What you have chosen is an extremely difficult, uncertain path but if you keep the faith, the journey will deeply transform you, enrich you and make you into someone you’ll be proud of.”
To parents, I would say “don’t fear. Let your boys and girls take their own decision. And be grateful if they choose entrepreneurship. It’s the finest path your kids can choose. Support them. It’s a difficult path but it will shape them, and you will be very proud of what they end up becoming. Great societies and nations stand on the broad shoulders of entrepreneurs. Be happy that your kids have strived to elevate themselves to that class.”

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