1. Describe about your Business and founders

We, at RiSiNh TecHons, render the services in Product Design, Software Product Development, Software Services, Business Management, Higher Education Guidance and Technical Skilling. The core team comprises the Founders Sukumar R, Nikila S and Harshita, along with the Technical Director Melwin & Business Development Manager Kevin. We all are from different professional backgrounds possessing multi skilled expertise, that forms our core strength.

2.What is the biggest challenge of being a CEO and how do you overcome it?

The biggest challenge of being a CEO is being a CEO itself. Then comes the external factors such as market fluctuations, scope for business, changing trends and thought process of clients, new age work force etc. What can be a biggest challenge more than leaving a high paying Corporate Job at a company like ABB Ltd and choosing to become an entrepreneur?

3. Where do you see the company in the next five years and how will you bring about the change?

We wish to have a 150–250 member strong work force in the next 5 years, with at least 10 offices in rural India, with an aim to make the technology reach to the deprived rural segments. I come from a village, and my aim is to make villages a place for wholistic development. Our branches located in villages can contribute a bit, so people need not to look out for career opportunities in cities.

4. Did you ever feel like giving up on being a CEO and what motivated you to pull this off?

It happens often, with the COVID-19 impacting the business a lot, and officially registering the company in the midst of COVID-19, by default leads to such feelings. I am sure these external factors will vanish off one day and the business will start growing upwards in the ladder. Also, I see this as an opportunity for us to identify (a) true people with Zeal to exhibit their talents, develop their skills and contribute for organizational growth (b) developing our own products / designs and launching them into market ( c ) Identify the core strength of the team and streamline the processes in line with it.

5. Describe your biggest achievement

The biggest achievement is yet to come. Maybe when we employ 150+ rural background people, it can be one of the biggest achievements.

6.From where do you get the idea for business?

Lack of Technological Penetration into rural India. Lack of required skills for employability for the majority of our youth graduating from colleges.

7.What was your aim to start the company?

To bring in Technological Development and contribute a bit to villages, from where my roots are. As Mr. MK Gandhi said, when the villages of India become developed, the wholistic development happens. We can be called as a “Developed Nation” only if it happens. The cities are overcrowded now, so it's the right time for us to focus on the rural segment and bring in development there across the country. Within our capabilities, maybe we can cater to 5-15 villages over the next 5 years, and show the roadmap for others to follow it. We wish to be the Torch Bearer for Technological Development in Rural India.

8.Tell us some of your failures

Success is a journey. It is not a destination. For me the word “Failure” means an experience obtained not to do that thing. It depends on how we see it. It is only a perspective, nothing more than that. Be it Success or Failure, if we maintain a calm and composed attitude, our journey goes on and on.

9.What is the role of your family in your successful career?

whatever the challenges may be, when I talk to my 4-year old son Nehaan RSN, the happiness I get is incomparable with anything in this world. What else is required to focus on Profession?

10.What is your message to the young generations and to their parents?

The young generation needs to understand one thing clearly. Career building depends on the skills developed by Individuals. Industry needs skilled people and not mere graduates. If you study Engineering and graduate, you are just a Graduate, only your practical knowledge, analytical ability, problem solving approach and skills transform you from graduate to “Real Engineer”. Do not trust whatever is said on social media/ academicians without industry exposure. Your academic skills have no meaning if you do not process practical skills. Simple and Clear.
“Long term career is built by your skills but not by degrees you have”. If you want to be paid as per your demands, make yourself eligible for it with your sharpened industry-oriented skills.
The parents need to understand one thing, do not run behind Marks/Ranks, find out the aspirations and passions of your children and nurture them. Allow them to make their own decisions. Do not pamper them with Luxury. Let them start everything on their own, and experience the challenges and comfort to achieve their passion. Trust them and make them socialised with all sections of society. Do not limit them based on any discrimination. Do not impose your passions and peer pressure on them. Do not go with herd mentality all the time. Your responsibility is to pay their fees and spend time with them, encouraging them morally and supporting them to achieve what they want. Unless you do not teach them the importance of “Value for Money and Value of Life”, you are a wrong parent.

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