1. Tell us a little bit about your business. How you started and where the organization is now?


LearnClue is an EdTech startup, designed with core values of developing higher-order thinking skills and problem-solving abilities for students, with our vision as "Right skills @ Right age".


Learn Clue App is world’s 1st Digital Abacus App and functions exactly the same way as the physical instrument. In addition, App also computes techniques, thereby unleashing their cognitive & lateral thinking and mathematical capabilities. Further, LearnClue has integrated several other modules into its app, which include well-proven ancient method of mathematical computing ‘Vedic Math’, ‘Expressive English’ and Xperteach based on 21st century Skill set.

How is it Started?

LearnClue is an EdTech startup established by the directors of Hyderabad-based education management company, Viswam Edutech Solutions Private Limited (2007) operates under the ‘School Labs’ brand. The Founder of Learn Clue is the director of Viswam Edutech and working with a goal of providing Skill based education (B2B model) which made to stand with 10K+ schools & close to 2Mn children across nine states in India growing every year.

With rapid globalization, personal & professional life targets, quick rate of success & failure, mental & physical status, bio wars we identified the present generation require more skill to with stand the challenges they face in this global village. 

To empower more students in India & across the world, decided to start a digital wing “Learnclue.com” of our services which has got appreciation in more than 140 countries targeting direct customers (B2C model).

Where is the Organization now?

• 25000 App Downloads

• B2C 20+ batches running with 0.6 million revenues.

• B2B2C 2.2 million revenue generated from Xperteach on demand courses

• Content ready for new programs

2. Do you have some strong beliefs or philosophies that means a lot to you?

One has to accomplish his/her responsibilities and successfully execute duties towards self, family, society and nation. Learning will be complete and holistic if we could drive the student into that.

Our education system is more concerned about only academics. But we should look beyond academics too. Getting yourself ready for the future is the demand of 21st century. Most of the students are excellent in academics but when they go out for a job, many lack those required skills. So, I would like to say the young generation that, “Everywhere, skills transform lives, generate prosperity and promote social inclusion”.

“You shouldn’t only focus on the academics but also should parallelly identify the inner inherent ability of your children and try to develop those skills. Future is going to be very competitive so you should nurture them with the skills required to succeed in life. Believe on their passion and let them find their own career.”

3. What is your biggest concern as a director?

Our education both conventional and EdTech largely for K12 depend on a mark driven where children were not exposed to real-world challenges. “Our products are designed with core values of developing High order thinking Skills &problem-solving Abilities essential to students at different stages of their life as part of our roadmap”, said Mr. Prasad, Director Learn clue. 

My concern is that apart from Academics, children and adolescents should be empowered with 21st century skills to deal with issues and concerns related to their life. In this era of globalization, we need to prepare students for jobs that might be created in the future, technologies that might be innovated and problems that we don’t know in which form they will rise. So, development of skills like Critical thinking, communication, Decision making, problem solving, Judgment, Visualization plays a critical role in every part of life.

4. What’s the most important business lesson that the pandemic has taught you?

The covid pandemic has shown the world the transformation in all areas, whether it is education, business and economy, technology or society by throwing up challenges for an individual, family, or an organization to cope with its impacts. Naturally, for such times, a different skill–set is required that would enable an individual to cope-up and succeed in facing the challenges in real-life, leading to his holistic progress. 

I really felt that we need to provide different age-appropriate ancient skill development programs like Abacus that helps to develop inherent abilities which brings lot of impact on student’s psychological aspects that helps to face any type of real-world challenges in place of any time learnt skills like CODING etc

5. How do you handle high pressured and stressful situations? 

I strongly believe “Solution is right where the problem is, just look around & observe”. So

• I make myself calm for some time not to react immediately.

• Accept the fact & analyze the affect it brings by self-criticization.

• Discuss with colleagues by taking an objective view.

• Prioritize and go ahead.

6. What are the most important things to remember while running a business according to you?

My profession is involved with creativity, prominently with a holistic purpose of providing skills that future adults need for their life, this connects me with endless passion working with new programs for younger generation. 

• Strong Ambition 

• High Passion (Work like Hell)

• Focus on customer benefits

• Visualize the success

• Prioritize

• WIN-WIN deal attitude

7. Where have you struggled the most in your journey?

Planning to digitalize 2000 years age old ancient tool “ABACUS” itself is huge task on our side and we overcame the initial struggle in my journey. Being the product is known in more than 140 countries in physical mode, the big challenge in front of us is to take this DIGITAL ABACUS  across the world.

8. What is your approach towards Work-Life balance?

The purpose of engaging ourselves in life is to make ourselves satisfied and also by being responsible to the family, society and serve the mankind. To achieve this, we need to plan & prioritize by defining What is Business to me, impact of being healthy in achieving productive business, emotional time with family & friends and the most important part is what you give back to the society.

9. What are you looking forward to in the future?

We are excited with the product outcome and the over resounding response we got from the initial moves with available funds. To scale up the customer base we are planning to get a good investor on board to continue providing the high demand skill programs to the younger generation. 

Learn Clue in talks with experts in field of education who will be coming as Advisors to further strengthen the core think tank of the EdTech start up.

10. Does India is a suitable destination for young entrepreneurs to nourish their dreams? what is your opinion?

Definitely, World is looking at India to market its services. Even Govt of India is providing lot of initiatives to encourage Start Up culture. Taking the EdTech market, current Indian market is pegged at $700 million, which is projected to reach $10 billion by the year 2025, primarily riding high on the massive adoption of online education to empower them with 21st Century Skill set.


  1. Nice Prasad ji, seeing you for last 15 years. Your passion to drive & influence the skill based learning for students is extremely great.

    All the best, sure you will rock in this too

  2. Anonymous05 October

    Gr8 all the best

  3. Great job team Learn Clue ! I came to know about Learn Clue through my niece who is a student of ABACUS. I am amazed to see how she solves the complex maths challenges very easily. Not only the math skills she also improved concentration,visualization and imagination skills. Great thing is Learn Clue provides Abacus in digital format which makes Kids to spend meaningful screen
    Problem solving is one of the most important skills children can develop, because it prepares them to face increasingly complex academic and interpersonal issues as they mature.I would recommend Abacus and Vedicmath for all other K12 students.
    Once again thank you Learn Clue team for bringing Abacus in digital format. We'll done !

  4. Great product for kids intelectual knowledge development.. All the Best to Learnclue team...

  5. Great achievement team Learn Clue. Have been following closely. Wonderful job

  6. Dear Prasad,
    You always inspire us in various aspects, your dedication to wards work, the way you follow goals. Congrats and we wish you all the best for all your new projects. ASHOK NANDIGAM

  7. Your Dedication towards work inspires me alot. Keep going. All the best to Learn Clue team members also.

  8. New innovative line of learning skill education....Abacus in digital mode....Amazing thought

  9. Anonymous05 October

    This type of basic education with life skills is needed for younger generation

  10. All the best for Digital Abacus ...the father of computer

  11. Anonymous05 October

    All the best

  12. Nice thought All the best Learn clue Team

  13. Kishore05 October

    Learn Clue App is world’s 1st Digital Abacus App ! so great


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