Football - The game of passion

Football is a game of passion, perseverance, skill, stamina and teamwork. The aim is to score most goals by putting the ball into the opposition net. Since the beginning of the game in the late 19th century in England, there have been significant improvements in the game. The level at which football is played professionally is very high, and only a few select make it to that level. Only the cream of the cream gets the opportunity to represent their country at the international level.

The modern game of football

The modern game of football is believed to be invented in England, and therefore all the basic rules and regulations of the game came from there. Today football is the most-watched and followed sport on the planet. Almost every country plays the game of football at an international level. The regulatory authority for football is FIFA. The FIFA World Cup is the most coveted international tournament which takes place every four years. Apart from international matches, football is more commonly played and followed at the club level. Each country has its own domestic league where numerous clubs compete for the domestic league title. The most-awaited event is the UEFA Champions League where the top clubs from Europe compete against each other. 

Status of football in india

Football is very popular in the world but in India the cricket is most popular so football is like a secondary choice for India. The football scene in India needs academies and schools at all levels of development if the national team ever hopes to compete against the best teams in the world. One of the major problems in Indian football is the absence of infrastructure. Whether it’s proper stadiums or training grounds, the sport is severely lacking in a lot of areas.  The lack of adequate youth development programs has been holding back Indian football for more than four decades now. Although the sport is very well followed in the country, a recent survey revealed that less than 6% of the football viewing population watches domestic football.  

Let's look major 3 Non-Profit football initiatives in india 

1. India Khelo Football

It is a Non Profit initiative aimed at uplifting the state of football in India by providing a roadmap to our kids to become a Professional Football Player with chance to play in Europe. It's a platform to provide opportunities for kids across India with a fair chance to pursue their dream of playing football at an international level. Their mission is to to find exciting young Indian football players and to provide them with opportunities to play at world stage. Their vision is to create a movement, which churns out football players, who will be the next big thing in World Football. The tournament winners will be taken to Europe who will get a chance to showcase their talent to European clubs at free of cost.

2. OSCAR Foundation

OSCAR Foundation is a football for development non-profit dedicated to empowering children and youth in low-income communities in India. OSCAR uses football as a tool to deliver education and life skills sessions enabling children and youth to become role models in their community.

3. Forca Goa Foundation

Forca Goa Foundation is a not for profit organisation that fosters community focussed holistic grassroots programs to develop football in India. The Forca Goa Foundation was created with the aim of building a robust football ecosystem for children. Over the last three years of working on delivering football programmes for children in Goa, the Foundation has come to understand that in order for India to become a successful footballing nation, the country must invest in raising the calibre of the next generation of footballers. 

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