Amol Amlapure, Founder & MD, Gunadhya Software Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

I started Gunadhya Software 7 years ago. I am a hard core techie who transitioned into a hybrid role of management & solution architect. I have been working in IT for more than 17 years and have worked with multiple world leading product and financial service companies. I have spent a good amount of my career working out of the US at different client locations; which has enabled me to understand accurate business needs for technical solutions. I have worked in many roles, from developer to delivery head, but the most I like is the solution architect role, which enables me to come up with a perfect solution that is functionally and technically balanced. I am personally involved in each and every project we execute at Gunadhya. When I am not working on a laptop, I love travelling and teaching. I am also working with a start-up that focuses on grooming talent from Tier 2 cities and rural areas of India. I regularly engage in mentoring students on academic projects.

Gunadhya Software Solutions Pvt. Ltd. 

Gunadhya Software Solutions originated with the goal of helping businesses go digital. Founded by experts who have worked globally with multiple Fortune 500 companies, we strive to procure the best results for our clients. With an extensive experience in application development and product engineering, our team enables our clients to improve the efficiency of their businesses through technology.
Over the past 7 years, we have grown into a one stop IT service company. Our services include but are not limited to product engineering, application development, UI/UX thinking, technology consulting, QA services, and outsourcing.
We can boast of a client base ranging from startups to the world’s leading capital market products.
Here is snapshot of what we do:

Our services
  • Product Engineering
  • Enterprise Web Solutions
  • UI/UX Thinking
  • QA Support
  • Outsourcing
  • Technology Consulting

Our products
  • Institute ERP - ERP solutions for training institutes 
  • CRM2Excel -  Lead management solution for the SMB
  • Track2Excel - Cloud based task management system
  • BuildEasyDoc - Template engine to create pdf documents
  • ETestSkills - Online exam application

Projects done by Gunadhya Software Solutions

We have a very large profile to show off. Here are a few selected projects to represent our services.

Security fixes and product enhancement - leading capital market product

Client is a leading capital market product with offices in multiple countries. We have been working with this product development company for the last 5 years. It is an advanced Java technology stack product. We are mainly responsible for using different tools to identify and fix the security issue with the code and jars we use for the product.

We are also working on many product enhancements and technology migrations for the same client.

OHCS -  kinder alternatives for senior adults

OHCS is a US based organization dedicated to helping senior adults cope with the expenses of daily life. This application manages the data of the health care services with multiple users and franchises for their senior adults. It's a WordPress and ReactJS system. We are working with the client to have a phased enhancement for their online solution.

Insituterp - erp product for coaching academy is a SaaS-based solution specially designed for managing training institutes and coaching classes online. This portal provides a digital approach to the management of your institute, which not only helps in saving time and efforts but also saves a lot on your costs.

Esixsigma - online training portal is an online training portal, we designed and developed for our client SAVH. This portal provides video training, an online exam, and certification related to Six Sigma. The client has received many accolades for the concept and portal. 

Explore health India - medical tourism website

Explore Health India is an Indian Medical Tourism facilitator for top-class healthcare services at economical costs. The client wanted to design an international standard website to project their services and business mission. We designed a WordPress based website for their patient services and other listing activities. 

Amol Amlapure on app & web development

There are numerous benefits of having an app. Let’s take a look at some of them. With an app, you can:

1.Increased visibility:

The right marketing campaign will enable you to target your customers effectively. By ensuring that your brand is visible on their phone screens, you can simply increase your brand's visibility. When consumers find that your products and services are useful, they will engage more with your brand. It will also help you connect with them.
2. Cultivate customer loyalty:

Through the benefits of mobile app development, you can provide personalised solutions to your customers. By offering different promotional discounts and rewards, you can increase customer loyalty. Mobile apps help businesses develop lasting connections with their customers.

3. Build a stronger brand:

As mobile apps facilitate personalised attention towards your target audience, they enable you to deliver the right solution to your customers. Mobile apps will help you enhance the overall consumer experience by providing desired services and products. With a better consumer experience, you can also improve customer retention.

4. Provide more value to your customers:

Mobile apps provide a significant way to offer rewards through loyalty programs. Referral bonuses, cash back, and coupons are strategies that promote your brand as well as provide value to your customers. Mobile apps also help businesses to engage with their customers in real-time and offer them solutions and answers to their queries.

5. Higher customer engagement:

By adopting different marketing strategies and facilitating customised solutions, mobile applications enable you to improve customer engagements. Actions like notifications for offer reminders, sale notifications, new product notifications, etc. will help you inform your customers of various schemes and plans.

6. Direct marketing channel:

The most significant and rewarding benefit of mobile apps is that they create a direct marketing and communication channel with your customers. Push notifications on apps will enable you to catch your customers’ attention by offering various discounts and offers. This will help you create higher customer engagement.

7. Reduction in costs:

Mobile apps can help companies reduce operational costs significantly. With personalised applications, information like customer data, forms, records, work orders, etc. can be simply saved online. This means fewer manual entries and increased cost-saving processes.

8. Boost profits:

Customized application development has helped businesses create an on-demand marketplace. Studies show users clocked up an estimated 128 billion sessions on food and drink apps in 2020. (Source) With customers willing to take advantage of such services, this has changed the way of doing business. App development has helped companies scale their operations and boost profits.

9. Better customer service:

If you are a service provider or a product seller, mobile applications can turn out to be one of the best ways to deliver better customer service. It enables you to give personal attention to your clients' requests quickly and efficiently. Sharing useful information through blogs and social media, which can be easily accessed over a mobile app by your customers, helps you grow customer satisfaction.

Gunadhya experts

We are blessed to have a dedicated and talented pool.
Aqueela K is head of technology with vast experience in the BFS sector. She has worked with many international banks like JPMC, Credit Suisse, and many more. She handles the technological growth of the company.
We are also supported by Business Strategy Officer Pradnya M. She is responsible for finding service gaps and identifying the correct solution for the client. Pradnya has over 30+ years of experience in the industry, and she was responsible for establishing multiple products' CoE at different consulting firms.

Key features of Gunadhya Software


Our leadership team has over 15+ years of experience in the IT industry. They are focused and driven to provide quality delivery and exceptional customer service experience. They are personally involved in each project and make sure the on time delivery with high quality assurance.

Quality & process

Our experience in the industry at the global level has helped us operate similar to any large-scale IT firm, but not at the expense of time & quality. Speed & quality are a rare combination, which we have achieved, delivered across multiple projects.


We have a "Client First" culture imbibed in our team. Everything we do at Gunadhya, we do it with passion and commitment for our clients and organisation. Our team has a can-do attitude and will go the extra mile to help our customers succeed.


Our team is a great mix of experience and young talent. Experience drives tested practices, whereas a young team pushes for challenges. Our team is passionate about giving unwavering focus on customer satisfaction and delivering each project, no matter how big or small, with the highest quality.

Best of best web development

Drawing on our team’s experience, we develop solutions that meet the exact needs of the client. We discuss requirements with a client, analyse them, and provide different options for technology and implementation methodology. Help the client choose the right mix of technology.
We follow the agile methodology for project implementation. We have developed common integration modules/processes that enable fast implementation of third party integrations like social integration, payment/mobile gateway integration, etc.
We have experience to work on:
  •  Custom Web Applications
  •  Cloud Based Applications
  •  E-Commerce Application
  •  Learning Management System (LMS)
  •  Online training Application
  •  Custom ERP
  •  Desktop Applications
  •  System Integrations

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