Jeswin Jose, Founder & CEO, Wizard Legal Pvt. Ltd.

The legal industry is changing drastically, and legal tech is the future of the industry.  
Wizard Legal Pvt. Ltd. is a legal tech company that focuses on providing legal documentation, document management, and e-sign services for all users across the country.  
The legal process right now is a bit complicated, and we endeavour to make legal processes less complicated. Users can utilize ready-to-use legal documents and cater them to their preferences as per industry requirements. They can further go on to e-sign with other parties to make legal workflow and processes much easier through this mechanism.
We are one of the first legal tech companies hailing from India, making a disruption in the Indian legal industry, and one of the first legal tech endeavours to provide 100+ legal documents and so much more in such complexity.

About Wizard Legal and its services
Wizard Legal is a legal tech company that focuses on providing online legal solutions to individuals and businesses for seamless compliance on the go. At Wizard Legal, we want to change the perspective by making legal documents more affordable and less complicated. We want to simplify the process and make it accessible to more people. In order to 'simplify' the process of getting legal documents, we are constantly investing time, resources and providing as much legal awareness as possible.
Through our seamless legal document generation mechanism, a user can educate themselves about the document they require, draft a document on their own with assistance from our programme and, finally, add a section through suggestions that are generated based on the purpose of the document. Through this system, we endeavour to fulfil our mission and goal. We believe that our enterprise can change the way we see legal documents, improve access to the law by reducing costs, and enable people to escape the complexity of the process.
In addition to a collection of several unique legal documents ranging in several areas of law, we also offer e sign services and documentation storage services. Finally, one of the main focuses of our enterprise is spreading awareness about legal issues. Our service, Wizblog, offers several curated blogs verified by legal practitioners for the single purpose of spreading awareness amongst our users.

User friendly legal documentation
While other companies offer either documentation services or e signature services, we offer both with a variety of plans and options. In addition to this, our unique architecture facilitates user friendly document generation. Without any assistance from a third party, a user can easily generate legal documents with an automatic workflow.
In addition to this, we also include multiple language inclusions so that all users can easily get along with the legal documentation process. In future updates, we are planning to bring about legal assistance and introduce drafts from different regions, including different languages. 

Affordable plans at WizardLegal

Wizard Legal has created several customer friendly plans that will enable users to get maximum benefits from reasonably priced plans.
Users can make payments and generate documents easily.
We shall be offering legally binding and regionally valid documents for B2C and B2B entities all over India. Users can pay and download documents that are 10x more affordable than those charged by normal advocates. Our users would also be delighted to know that these documents are regularly updated as per the changes that occur in the legal framework and are constantly reviewed by legal practitioners. In addition, we shall be adding documents to our already existing collection of documents on a regular basis.  
E sign services are also available, and the users can either purchase e-signatures as per their requirements or even buy them in bulk through specifically designed packages that favour the purposes of the user.
A combo plan of documents and e-signature can also be purchased by our users at affordable rates.

Wizard Legal on Data security

As a legal tech company focusing our efforts on making legal efforts easier and more affordable, we’ve followed all regulations and compliance necessary for operating our business. We are following all regulations set out in the Information Technology Act, 2000, and also the Information Technology (Reasonable Security Practices and Procedures and Sensitive Personal Data or Information) Rules, 2011. We are also providing e-signature certificates from the Certifying Authority (CA) who has been granted a license to issue a digital signature certificate under Section 24 of the Indian IT-Act 2000. All such necessary encryptions are utilized to protect the information of users from getting leaked in anyway.

Easy legal procedures

We believe that a brand is everything in a business. The recognition from such efforts will entice customers and build trust among customers. Our special plans for industries include a white-label solution that provides a custom domain to companies so that they can execute their legal processes with ease and still retain their brand name to build quality workflows and also maintain client confidence.

A complete legal solution for you
Legal tech is a rather new concept in the IT field, and as many people are not accustomed to it, we’ve realized that awareness is a main factor in our business. We plan to educate new clients about the process through social media content, legal educational blogs, emails and also through video content.  
Our clients can clear any doubts with regards to our mechanism through videos, blogs or other content and also through prompts appearing during the process of filling up documents.  
Our enterprise focuses on providing legal awareness and easy and affordable agreements, deeds, and policies that are specific to individuals and organizations as per necessity. Our final goal is to make legal resources accessible to the people of the world and help them protect their rights and property from any unlawful acts. Wizard Legal provides A - Z legal documents and helps our customers generate them in a matter of minutes. We offer a complete legal solution.


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