ConfabPro is a company that offers organizational development consulting services. By using the proven approach that ConfabPro's professionals have developed, both corporations and individuals can achieve their expected goals. They support businesses, offer business coaching, and are accessible for consultation on all matters relating to business. The services of ConfanPro will assist you in building a scalable company and a workforce that is both balanced and technologically competent. Human Resource service provided by ConfabPro makes sure that your business management is duly followed to maintain the productivity. ConfabPro is made up of skilled OD and HR consultants who provide the best solutions to all types of businesses, including IT, ITeS firms, BFSI, professional services firms, construction organizations, and manufacturing operations, and who provide HR solutions that are firmly rooted in reality. Their mission is to help companies establish themselves as profitable and well-developed enterprises. They ensure that they enumerate the best selling marketing methodologies to refine the sales and demands.


      People consulting

  • Performance management- In order to achieve strategic goals, there will be discussions between a supervisor and an employee at ConfabPro. This process aids in establishing clear expectations, drawing up precise goals and targets, and offering feedback and reviewing results.
  • Psychometric evaluation and assistance- They will assess the employee's performance in relation to specified targets and they will also analyse the methods employed to attain those, but only after conducting proper goal setting as part of the performance management process. This might serve as a roadmap to achieving the desired outcomes by coaching and discussing feedback.
  • Strategic organization development- As part of the annual performance management process in ConfabPro, employees and managers collaborate to establish development plans that help to concentrate on and improve skills aimed at job mastery and professional development.
  • Recruitment process and HR services – ConfabPro is a specialist in the recruiting criteria, determining the necessary and preferable credentials for the participants, creating standardised interview questions, choosing an interview committee to assess selection criteria, and assisting with various additional aspects of the selection process.
  • Job descriptions and evaluations – ConfabPro will work with you to find the best applicant for the job, determine the skills required to do the job, and promote affirmative action initiatives by reaching out to underrepresented groups.

Business consulting

  • Business strategy development – ConfabPro's business plan development services will assist you in scaling your company by putting its strategies into marketing practice. They support you in creating your business strategy and in creating genuine solutions to meet the demands of your customers.
  • Business vision, mission, and values development – ConfabPro can inform you of all the details regarding your company that you need to be aware of. They support the development of a mission, vision, and certain values that must be used in our company in order to boost its effectiveness.
  • Roadmap for growth and development –The roadmap provided by ConfabPro aids in comprehending the existing situation, analyzing strengths and weaknesses, locating and assessing strategic options, creating goals, and monitoring progress for overall growth, sales and development.
  • Organization culture and development- With the support of ConfabPro, businesses adopt a flexible and targeted approach that may help them deal with setbacks and recognize and take advantage of new possibilities as they arise.
  • Organization hierarchy and reporting structure – ConfabPro assists in clarifying the consequences of the strategy for the company and operational plans, marketing plans, financial plans and budgets, project plans, and personal development plans, as well as the actions that must be taken.
  • Rewards and recognition system- They will offer you numerous pieces of feedback and advice that will help you stand out from the crowd.


       Leadership development and mentoring

  • One to one leadership coaching - In addition to promoting particular leadership traits, they create leadership programs to instruct aspiring leaders on how to create leadership development plans that assist employees in gradually acquiring the same.
  • Leadership development program- They provide instruction on how to build and implement leadership development plans. These techniques assist candidates in growing at different levels by identifying their necessary competencies and providing less experienced workers with an immensely valuable opportunity to pick up a skill they need to advance their careers, as well as aiding businesses and organisations in filling their critical leadership skills gaps.
  • Learning and development systems- ConfabPro empowers candidates to study leadership using real-world examples as a crucial tool and encourages staff members to actively seek out leadership development opportunities on their own to be considered for positions of more significance.
  • Advanced visioning workshops- Confabpro assists the senior leadership in growing organisational leaders by investing in their education and growth, ensuring that they have the skills necessary to engage, inspire, and motivate their workforce. A strong leadership development framework is the crucial solution required to attain this organisational success.
  • Individual consulting services- Confabpro offers assistance in creating a Personal Improvement Plan (PIP) that outlines the steps needed to improve, advance, and be up to the mark. These are carried out to assess progress, growth, and progression to the subsequent competency level.

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