Dinesh Kumar - CEO and Co-Founder, Lazaro

Mr. Dinesh Kumar is the CEO and Co-Founder of Lazaro. His strong compassion towards the food industry has gotten him into the food industry. He constantly encourages and inspires the team and himself to ensure an effective and efficient work method that delivers the required results.
In keeping with this, the business is open to giving employees opportunities to grow and consider new approaches.

Lazaro and its services

Lazaro delivers classic comfort dishes to your doorstep in less time and with the best packaging. Provide food from every famous food place near you.

Whether you are craving high-street favourites or your local haunts, we ensure a better restaurant selection and cuisine anywhere other than here, at Lazaro. Put in your location, and we will suggest the top dishes available. Or better! Choose your cuisine, and we will present the best restaurants based on popularity, quality, and value for money.

Our Services:

We are straddling up to make food available for everyone, everywhere, by creating a dependable online food delivery service accessible via a mobile app.

  • Deliver Now: Faster deliveries for a satisfying experience.
  • Self-Pick-up: An on-the-go food delivery provision for customers always on the go.
  • Order Later: A one-of-a-kind feature that enables foodies to schedule food orders and deliveries.


Features of Lazaro app

The OTP system is followed while delivering the order to nullify wrong-order deliveries or misplaced orders.

  • Scheduling the order makes life easy.
  • Free delivery is being offered currently.
  • User-friendly UX.

Order late bulk orders with Lazaro

  • Area-wise delivery executives.
  • Traffic-wise splitting of delivery partners.
  • Partnership with Dunzo increases strength.


Premium quality food

Our invaluable relationships with all of our partners are based on the three pillars of trust, awareness, and transparency, which enable us to forge meaningful alliances.

  • Clear communication.
  • Packaging will be cross-checked before being picked up by the delivery executive.
  • Giving special attention to the necessary add-ons.



The customer needs to place an order from a restaurant near him and opt for the self-pick-up option, heading to the restaurant while the food gets prepared. Once you reach the restaurant, you have to show the code to pick up your order. Needless to say, you can still take advantage of all the offers and promotions when you choose the self-pickup feature.

On-time delivery from delivery partners

We have an in-house back-end team to manage the errors that arrive from the delivery executives. By resolving these issues at the backend, the orders are delivered without delay.



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