Organizations now face a wide range of security and risk management-related concerns. As security breaches multiply and get more complex, corporate decisions must now prioritise security. These strategic planning presumptions must now be incorporated into the roadmap of any organisations if they want to continue forward without security risks. Organizations now support a variety of technologies in various locations, so they require a flexible security solution, such as cyber security, which is the body of technologies, processes, and practises intended to safeguard networks, devices, programs, and data from attack, damage, or unauthorised access.

The senior intelligence officers in the country issued a warning in March 2013 stating that cyber attacks and digital spying pose a greater threat to national security than terrorism. Due to the tremendous volumes of data that the government, military, business, financial, and healthcare institutions gather, process, and store on computers and other devices, cyber security is becoming increasingly crucial in today's world. A significant portion of data can be sensitive information, whether that be intellectual property, financial data, personal information, or other types of data for which unauthorised access or exposure could have negative consequences. Organizations transfer sensitive data across networks and to other devices, and "cyber security" refers to the field that is devoted to safeguarding such sensitive data as well as the technology used to process or store it. Companies and organizations, especially those responsible for protecting data related to national security, health, or financial records, must take action to defend their sensitive business and personal information as the frequency and sophistication of cyber-attacks are tremendously increasing.

Cyber security can be a broad field covering several disciplines. There is network security, which is designed as a solution to identify and block the attacks that occur on networks. An organisation increasingly adopts cloud computing services, hence, securing the cloud becomes a major priority, and cyber security provides a cloud security strategy to overcome this obstacle. End-point security can be used by companies to secure their end-user devices, such as desktops and laptops, with data and network security controls, advanced threat prevention, etc. Mobile devices that have access to corporate data and business documents can be saved by using mobile security that prevents attacks and secures operating systems and devices from rooting and jailbreaking. While using Internet of Things (IoT) devices certainly delivers productivity benefits, it also exposes organisations to new cyber threats. IoT security protects devices with the discovery and classification of the connected devices, auto-segmentation to control network activities, and using IPS as a virtual patch to prevent exploits against vulnerable IoT devices. Web applications, like anything else directly connected to the Internet, are targets for threat actors. With the use of application security, many attacks can be prevented. Application security also prevents bot attacks and stops any malicious interaction with applications and APIs. Zero trust is a discipline of cyber security that takes a more detailed approach to security, protecting individual resources through a combination of micro-segmentation, monitoring, and the enforcement of role-based access controls.

Cyberthreats are more prevalent in today's society than they were previously. Organizations must have security against the tools and methods that cybercriminals may use in the future as the threat landscape for cybercrime evolves and grows. Organizations must implement the latest cutting-edge technologies because new forms of cybercrime are constantly developing. Doing so will protect your company from potential threats in the future. Since cyber security is a broad field, you will be provided with the best answers to each of your business's security related problems.

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  • The Hacktivists
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  • Castellum Labs
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  • Astra Security
  • SecureLayer7
  • FireShark
  • Institute of Information Security
  • Progist
  • BlackPerl DFIR

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