The Wild Survival Academy is an institution where students and young people of all ages can learn valuable life skills that will help them survive in all aspects of daily life. The instructors at the Wild Survival Academy are members of the military forces and naturalists with extensive knowledge of primitive living practices. This equips the learners with the skills necessary to survive in any challenging circumstance. They are among India's greatest survival trainers and experts in outbound training. Army leaders with extensive expertise who lived in harsh and challenging environmental conditions started this academy as a way to share their skills with the coming generations. They will take you into the wilderness, where you will be without material comforts and resources, and they will teach you how to make resources and how to survive. In particular, they help you acquire bushcraft training and a primitive way of life. These are some of the skills they help the students to learn, which make them more innovative, and resourceful, and help to develop a new perspective on life. They teach you about the value of nature and instil a love for nature in you by integrating your life with the natural environment. All of these activities assist you in living off the land. They also teach you numerous life skills that would make you an excellent survivor. There are numerous student camps that teach students how to build shelters and teach wilderness cooking and fundamental foraging techniques. They gain a thorough grasp of how prehistoric man lived in a community of hunters and gatherers. They teach them how to build primitive pottery, make self-defence weapons out of materials found in nature, make clothing out of natural materials, and create fire by friction. In the lengthier student camps, participants interact with locals and tribal people to learn about their culture and how they cope with the environment and forests. Throughout the program, students have the option to participate in volunteer work with these communities. They will learn how to stay safe in a variety of circumstances, including coping with wild animals, forest fires, floods, terror attacks, etc. To put it briefly, the lessons taught at the Wild Survival Academy are based on real-world situations, giving you the information you need to handle the most challenging situations your career may ever present. In short, they help you find your inner strengths and untapped potential.

Survival Courses

For Individuals

  • Course range from a day course to longer duration of upto a week. Highly recommended for outdoor enthusiasts and adventurers from all walks of life. One can attend the existing courses or customize it if they have a group. Day courses are fun day of exploration and education. You'll prepare your own meals and construct your own improvised housing. You are guided through numerous activities necessary for surviving in the wild or in a forest by their informed, experienced instructors.
  • Longer duration courses are recommended for serious outdoor enthusiasts. This  is intended for serious adventurers who want to learn more about camping and survival techniques. Your skills in the majority of outdoor survival techniques will be sharpened throughout these three days of wilderness survival. You will be given the chance to practise new survival skills while being guided by skilled ex-army personnel.
  • The Academy also conducts All Women and family courses. The needs of contemporary women are taken into account when they design courses for women. Along with outdoor survival, the elements of women's protection are highlighted. There are also some pointers on how to defend yourself and survive on the street.

For Corporates

Human Resources are your most valuable assets and one of the key factors in the success and growth of your business.

To have a good talent strategy optimized with organizational strategy is to ensure an organization’s success through increased productivity and reduced costs. To create a competitive advantage,  innovate, and stay ahead of the competition by creating an unmatched value.

The way an organization manages its intangibles like speed, shorter learning curve, accountability, customer delight, leadership, or overall efficiency will determine the organization's growth in the long run.

If you want your workforce to be innovative, motivated, and mission-oriented, trust them to our Outbound and Inbound programs, all of which are conducted by Military Leaders who have decades of experience in the art of training in intangibles leading soldiers to victory. Make yours a winning organization today.

For Schools


We have designed special modules for students and children of all age groups to give them Life Skills to become a survivor in all spheres of life. The basic survival training module will enable a child to learn essential skills to handle emergencies and develop the confidence to tackle challenges in life.

We lay emphasis on Wilderness Survival Skills as the activities in the wild connect a child to nature and inculcate the love for our beautiful planet. These activities are based on survival techniques to live off the land. The child learns to make a shelter, Make a fire, Food and Water apart from techniques in direction finding by day and night, navigation, ropes, knots and lashing for construction of rafts, bridges, etc. They also get trained in wilderness cooking and basic foraging skills. They get a deep understanding of how the early man lived in a hunter-gatherer society. We expose them to techniques in primitive pottery, making primitive weapons for self-defense, making clothing from the material available in nature as also learn how to make fire by friction. In the longer camps, they get involved with locals and tribals to understand their way of life and how they coexist with nature and forests. Students may also undertake voluntary service with such communities during the program.

We teach Wilderness First Aid to them as also self-defense techniques.

They will learn how to stay safe in different situations whether it is a forest fire, wild animal or dealing with floods, terror strikes, etc.

We Conduct the following types of Survival Training Bootcamps

1. Full-day Workshops 

2. Overnight camps

3. Three to five-day-long camps

4. Long Term Association for Nature clubs and regular workshops.

We conduct these boot camps onsite i.e within or near the school premises or at any of our associated nature camps located at Himachal, Kodaikanal, Coonoor Sikkim, Goa, and other places which are rich in Forests and Wilderness. We have dedicated camping sites in Hyderabad and Bangalore.

Our programs are customized as per the requirement of the schools and the students. It is one of the best programs which contributes immensely to CAS ( Creativity, Activity, and Service)


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