Dr.Sumathi Chandrasekaran : Founder, Neha Foundation, Mind Cafe


I am a practising psychologist for over 18 years in Chennai and the author of the award-winning book, "Be the Happy Mom". I am the founder of the Neha Foundation, a center for self-development and psychological counseling in Chepauk, Chennai. I have a doctorate in Developmental Psychology, specialized in parenting. I am a certified founder Supervisor member of IAPS (the Indian Academy of Professional Supervisors). I am a Happiness coach, from the Berkley Institute, California (online), and a Certified Mind fullness Coach, Happiitude, Mumbai.



Mind Cafe


Mind Cafe is a social enterprise and a unit of Yuvathi, an NGO. Mind Cafe was initiated to break the stigma of counseling and create a stress-free Chennai. Mind Cafe is a preventive measure to provide a healthy society with socially responsible citizens. Society's perception prevents many from seeking professional counseling. This is evident from the recent findings that Chennai is leading second among the top most cities in India in suicide. Therefore, Mind Cafe, an initiative by Yuvathi, focuses on providing a safe place where you can walk in anytime and meet a health professional and share your thoughts over a cup of coffee. A concept introduced for the first time in India was initiated to break the stigma of counseling and create a stress-free Chennai.

This Mind Cafe is a place for anyone who wants to deal with day-to-day stress and is seeking guidance and direction with regard to their emotional problems. Mind Cafe is trying to create a stress-free environment by providing people with a safe place to vent their emotions without any judgements or bias.

Health Professionals are available in the Mind Cafe who will help people explore and identify solutions to their specific problems. Professionals ask questions that help the person shift their identity and feel more resourceful to resolve their own problems. If required, the professional may suggest or recommend a psychiatrist or any other appropriate professional aid depending upon the severity and nature of their problems, using the database created by the Mind Cafe team. It’s a destination for authentic directions and information pertaining to their emotional stress problems.


For whom:

People with symptoms of any individual emotional distress, Depression, Anxiety or any other relationship issues, Marital issues, or behavioral problems in children, are in need of parenting, life skills, or career testing. These services are offered at a minimal cost in an unconventional setting.



Mental health professionals at Mind Cafe


Mind Cafe is a connection between the common man and mental health professionals like psychiatrists and therapists. Mind Cafe aims to provide insight and give clarity to its clients on the emotional and psychosocial issues they face in day-to-day life. This helps them get the right guidance and help that they require.



Best therapists & psychiatrists at Mind Cafe


One of our senior therapists is Ms. T. Gayathri. She has over 15 years of experience in the counselling and psychotherapy fields. She specialises in developmental psychology. She is also a DBT practitioner. Her calm and composed approach helps clients feel reassured. She is great at identifying the client's strengths and bringing out the best in them. She has worked successfully with clients having sleep disorders, depression, learning difficulties, and career guidance. She also happens to be a trainer for POSH (Prevention of Sexual Harassment at the Workplace) and POCSO (Protection of Children from Sexual Offenses).

Another therapist who has been with us for a long time is Dr. Suchithra S. She is a medical MBBS doctor with a postgraduate degree in Psychology. She is trained in SFBT and BWRT (from the BWRT institute in London). Her compassionate approach towards clients and use of BWRT bring about quicker results and help clients reach their therapeutic goals faster. She has worked successfully with clients who had sleep issues, anxiety, low self-worth, and relationship issues.



Licensed therapists at Mind Cafe


Therapists at Mind Cafe hold a postgraduate or higher degree in Psychology. They have a clinical experience of 5 years and above. Our therapists are also trained and certified in their individual therapeutic skill sets. Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT), Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT), Solution-Focused Brief Therapy (SFBT), Expressive Arts, Brain Working Recursive Therapy (BWRT), Developmental Psychology, and Career Guidance are some of the specialised fields of our therapists.



Mental healthcare consulting


The number of sessions required depends completely on the individual and what aspects of themselves or issues they want to address. There have been clients who feel better after just two or three sessions, and there are clients who prefer to come back to work on something else even after their primary issue is resolved.



Mind Cafe therapeutic counselling


Counselling and talk therapy are done here. Our counsellors use SFBT, CBT, and DBT and their personalised counselling skills to offer the best possible therapeutic intervention for the clients. Mind Cafe counsellors also draw from Mindfulness practices, music therapy, and art therapy as per the client's adaptability and interest to help them reach the therapeutic goals.

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