Swadhin S, Managing Director & Founder, Eskillvikaas.com

We are Eskillvikaas.com and as its name says, we believe in vikaas, or in simple words, growth, and we know it can only be given through recruitment training and consulting. We have various training programs, and for recruitment, we have skilled teammates who can help with resume writing and forwarding. Tied up with more than 7,000 companies and consultants globally.

Resume endorser & opportunity promoter from Eskillvikaas

Resume endorser is an automated process in which we share the resume of an individual to all the tie ups we have while in opportunity promoter we assign a service counsellor for the feedbacks and suggestions with customisation.

Expert counsellors at Eskillvikaas

Not only the semi-skilled, all the candidates need guidance on job search patterns. Our profile counsellor guides them as per the expertise of an individual so that organisations can get the best-fitting resource, and vice versa.

Could you tell us about the industries and partner companies you deal with to provide a suitable job?

We deal with almost all the leaders in every industry, whether NBFC, mechanical, IT, infrastructure, and so on.

Perfect resume for your job opportunities

As per today's competitive market, I believe infographic resumes are best, and they should be Applicant Tracking System (ATS) enabled so that a candidate can get a high probability of being shortlisted wherever and whenever he/she applies.

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